Get In EU Free

Are you an African seeking to live inside the European Union?

You can enter the EU now for FREE!!

How do we help people get Refugee status inside the European Union?  We use the bitcoin/Monero we earn from selling gold and diamonds to make ‘donations’ or bribes to officials.  These donations make it simple and easy for an immigrate to get Refugee status.

This allows us to help Africans to get into the European Union for free!    What’s included?  An Airplane flight into the EU, A place to stay, Food to eat, Refugee status, and a job that provides income that you can send home.  This guarantees you will have a hassle free experience and easily awarded the status of “Refugee”.

Submit your application today by sending us an email at:

  1. Send us copies of all identification you have.
  2. If needed will you injure men, women, children?  We are not terrorists.
  3. Do you agree to obey our orders for 3 years while inside the EU?
  4. Do you agree to complete all tasks for 3 years while inside the EU?
  5. Do you agree to work for a company we own for up to 3 years while in the EU?

Respond to these items in an email to “” to begin the process!  Review will take approximately 3-6 weeks.


  1. Is this free?  Yes it is!  We pay for this using our other income sources and use bitcoin as bribes to make the process smooth!
  2. Whats the catch?  If you violate our rules we will discipline your family in Africa and/or the EU.  Don’t have family?   Then you do not qualify for this offer.
  3. Why dont we use people we find our self? Because we seek a diversified group of men without any connection or correlation to each other or us.
  4. What percentage of applicants are accepted?  About 5-35%.