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Africa gold reserves are worth $1.5 trillion.  African governments make laws preventing native African from mining gold.  They sell the land to businesses instead.  So gold is mined illegally and sold on the black market.  We know we have cheap prices for gold.  We sell gold in limited quantities to get Bitcoin that we spend for other purposes.  Click here to find out why we need bitcoin!!. 90% of our gold is sold using our own methods for a higher price.

Gold for sale

1 Ounce of Gold – 500 Euro

2 Ounces of Gold – 900 Euro

3 Ounces of Gold – 1,250 Euro

4 Ounces of Gold (1/4 Pound) – 1,600 Euro

8 Ounces of Gold (1/2 Pound) – 3,000 Euro


8 Ounces Per Order Limit.

1 Order per month Limit


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Send us an email at “

  1. Tell us quantity of Gold
  2. Tell us Gold Type: Gold Sand, Gold Nuggets or Gold bars
  3. Shipping & Stealth
    1. Pick Shipping Speed:
      1. Standard 3-5 Day shipping(3-15 days): +50 Euro
      2. Fastest Possible Shipping (1-4 days): +100 Euro
    2. Pick Stealth (See below Stealth Options)
      1. Normal +0 Euro
      2. Stealth Option 1: +50 Euro (Read Below)
      3. Stealth Option 2: +100 Euro (Read Below)

Stealth Package Options:

Normal Packaging:  Package is shipped inside package that will take 10 minutes to open due to extreme secure packaging. Insdie an x-ray proof bag.  This option is good if no customs checks are forseen.

Stealth Packaging Option 1 (Add 50 Euro to Order):  Gold will be given a coating of lead, and shipped with lead pieces of similar size.  An invoice will accompany the shipment saying its “Machine grade lead valued at 20 Euro or 20 Dollars”.  If X-rayed gold and lead show up identical.

Stealth Packaging Option 2 (Add 100 Euro to Order): The gold is dissolved using “Aqua regia” which is a mixture of nitric acid and hydrochloric acid. That will make the gold totally dissolve in fluid. No one will think fluid contains gold. To get the gold you need to use Sodium Metabisulfite to precipitate the gold. This precipitate is gold powder. Filter it off, rinse repeatedly with water to remove trace acid, then dry it. The product is a red-orange powder. Melt that down and you’ll get 99% pure gold.

Other Shipping Notes

  • If your package is lost we will reship you new gold after 30 days at no cost.
  • If the tracking information shows the product made it to the destination address, but you claim you didn’t get it, no re-shipment will be made.
  • Signature is never required on delivery unless requested.
  • Tracking info provided if available.  EU ships via DHL, Asia ships via EMS, America’s ship via USPS or Fedex.

We do not sell African Slaves. Stop asking us