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Buy Uncut Diamonds

How to order:

  1. Email us at “”
  2. Tell us what you want in detail and we will provide a quote
    • If you dont know what you want here are some options.  These stone should all be able to be resold for €1000 or more each. But we are not expects they might get more or less than that.
    • 20 Carats for €1000
    • 40 Carats for €1800
    • 100 Carats  €4000
  3. Minimum order size is €1,000

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Classification of uncut Gem Quality stones

  • Stones: very beautiful stone of more than 1 carat.
  • Fancy Colors stones are those with color that does not lies between the bluish white and the yellowish. The color of fancy colors diamonds (colored diamonds) is blue, green, pink, yellow, brown, etc…
  • Closed stones: are monocrystals, beautiful shapes, good for sawing and polishing.
  • Spotted stones: are monocrystals, beautiful shapes, these stones have inclusions but it is possible to make them disappear with the cutting.
  • Naats: are deformations of crystallizations, they must be cleaved or bruted.
  • Irregular stones: are octahedral or dodecahedral (irregular shapes), they are directly cut.
  • Cleavable stones: they must be cleaved.
  • Coated stones: the industry have named coated stones « speculation stones ». A gangue or a film covers them hiding the interior of the stone. They can remain opaque or let appear a beautiful stone.
  • Frosted stones: are identical to coated, but the film is translucent.
  • Milky stones: as its name indicates, this stone has a milky aspect.
  • Blocks: of a particular shape, their crystallographic orientation is difficult to see.
  • Plats: in fact generally macles are very often employed for the rose cut.
  • Sands: they are very small stones (less than 0.10 carat), mostly used for the size 8/8
  • Commons Goods: they are of a very poor quality and they are the extreme product of the gem quality.
  • Rejections Stones: they are of very bad quality and therefore must be eliminated.