You are welcome to post all your feedback, comments, and questions to this section. All comments are reviewed and posted within 24 hours. We screen the comments because some of you know our actual names, office locations and phone numbers. We trust you but don’t want to risk that information on the Dark Net. All other comments are acceptable and will be approved.



  1. I am unhappy with the gold. It is little nuggets and I had to pay someone to melt it and purify it. Then after that I was able to sell it. That was too much labor for me.

  2. how to buy 1

  3. Got 2 ounces of Gold shipped to the UK. it took 3 days

  4. I’m afraid of being cheated. Does anyone know this is a real website? Many businesses don’t hear from each other after receiving bitcoin payment .

  5. Can i be your only gold buyer? I can move large amounts of gold.

  6. These guys are really professional through e-mail. Love this comment section too. Package was sent quickly in a professional manner. I sold the gold and diamonds without trouble.


    P.S. Yes, I am a real person.

  7. Ich habe Gold gekauft. Ich habe sie nach 2 Tagen per Post erhalten. Und ich habe das Gold schnell verkauft. Ich vertraue dieser Firma.

  8. Yes we do!
    Gold Diamonds Admin

  9. test

  10. Do you ship to denmark?

  11. It is, but it depends on where you live. Email us for more information.

  12. hello,it is possibe to ship to nigeria?

  13. I purchased three ounces of gold. It is gorgeous! Highly recommend!!

  14. First of all, l think your website it is the bomb!!! So much product with wonderful price points!!!! I literally spent hours reading it!!! So difficult to choose!! I ended up buying several ounces of Gold.

  15. Look at the pictures on their website. In their pictures, you will see our website address. So they cloned our website, and they are using our pictures. So they are the fraudsters. Take a look it’s easy to see

  16. Yes i sent you an email. let’s talk about more specifics in email, we are private.

  17. Hi globaltrader here again,

    I noticed there is another page out there claiming to be you:

    Is this a legit site or a clone? Because they have all the same texts and image on their page, but changed all contact emails. Also if you post to their forum, you are redirected to this page ( http://golddig65dfkenb4.onion ).
    Now I’m kinda confused…

  18. Hi,
    I already wrote you an email, but got no response until today. Maybe I have more luck posting it here:
    – Can you please provide your PGP public key? Because I don’t like sending personal information without proper encryption.
    – Is it possible to place an order with smaller amounts than listed on your page (like 0.5 oz gold or similar) just for testing the legitimacy of your business – If everything works I will sure buy more.

    Thanks in advance,

  19. I paid for and got the gold. I paid for stealth option to coat in lead, it came off with a toothbrush easily

  20. In Jan 2019 I discovered this site, and saw that natural gold nuggets were being offered for sale. I was excited and bought what I could. When I opened the mail and I saw the gold…. that was the day my life changed. I love this gold thank you

  21. Yea we can do that no problem

  22. Can you deliver gold in India

  23. this is a message for the criminals who run this site. I told my city council about your evil things. As a child I was always told that a grilled locust is better than no soup. but your evil site is worst than grilled locust!

  24. Hello Hypermark, you can contact us at

  25. got the gold. great. I figure i better git it while the gitten is good or at least before they stop manipulating the price and it screams north like hillery on fire.

  26. gold and diamonds
    I don’t find your mail to contact you.
    i would like to do affairs.
    I wait your response


  27. They can work with clients in India and deliver quickly.

  28. Yes Sholay. I did see your message and I replied. We look forward to working with you.


  29. mister admin dude. sent you an email message with a few questions.

  30. i would luv it if someone could tell me the steps to get a meeting with buyers. I need a new job.

  31. I would have preferred to have the diamonds in a bag or something. I got them and they were loose inside an object. I wont say just in case its not known what they use. I almost missed one.

  32. It was so easy to resell the gold. I made more than I make in a month on one deal!

  33. I spend over 3.000 Euro on gold bars from africa. The simples have 97% gold with 3% other. The shipment is strong and safe.

  34. I got diamonds and the stealth was high quality. They came in an old camera.

  35. Mr Admin

    We completed our tests on the gold order and we are very very pleased. Please pass our compliments on to your staff.

  36. Mr Admin

    Thank you for the diamonds. We had one of the larger diamonds cut for anna’s engagement ring. We got lots of compliments.

  37. Hello StepToe

    Simply send us an email with what you would like and we can prepare a custom quote for you.


  38. Hey African Gold/Diamond

    What is the process to buy ? I can’t see a cart where i can add items and pay for them (BTC)

    So how do i buy your nice cool shit ?

    I want it to be shipped to England – how long does it take from order, payment to delivery ?

    Waiting for your response.


  39. No worries lawerance you will make enough after your first deal.

  40. I dont have enough funds to buy nuggets and bars. Ill buy a bar and see how it goes.

  41. Just a suggestion. Get an ounce of nuggets on top of your gold order to use to shop around. Bring the nuggets to potential sellers to test. This way you are not hauling around a bunch of gold that could get stolen. Wouldn’t that be ironic?

  42. I read all the comments and I talked to some local buyers around my community. I had several buyers who were interested in buying from me. I never sold anything before but if my math is right I could profit over 5000.

  43. Excellent gold vendor. We have 4 successful buys.

  44. Very good service to clients in the uae.

  45. I should have read your site more carefully. I didnt realize you use slave labour and other nasty tactics. It’s a shame I bought and sold over five grand worth of gold with you. Never again.

  46. Paid for my order, received it, then solid it for profit 4000 Euro Profit. I didnt sign for anything BTW.

  47. My diamonds are expected to arrive today. Did any other buyer sign for their package or politely decline?

  48. ur bling is hot!

  49. Mr. Admin

    Thank you for the extremely good service, the diamonds are beautiful.

  50. Its a good question. BTC.


  51. Dear Admin,

    sorry for this maybe stupid question, just to clarify.
    There are 3 different Bitcoins on Market:
    Bitcoin 1: BTC
    Bitcoin cash: BCH
    Bitcoin Gold: BTG

    Which of them do you accept? I need to know which currency I need to buy

    Many thanks

  52. Yes. We only accept bitcoin for your security and ours.


  53. Dear Admin,

    payment only via Bitcoin possible?
    Thanks for information

  54. Hi Cerbero

    We see your comment. If you have any questions feel free to ask.


  55. test

  56. My 1st transaction was a good experience and the admin was easy to work with. Now I that I have it I need to sell it for a big profit.

  57. I need a new job and this seems easy enough. I bought my first 6 ounces. Lets see what happens.

  58. I got some diamonds on the way. I can report back if anyone wants.

  59. Any advice on resell? Normal gold buyers want to jew me out of my money for like 50%. Is that normal? I read here people getting as much as spot or spot -10.



  61. Yes we do ship to mainland China. However we do use a different process due to strict customs. Please email us and we can discuss further.


  62. Dear staff

    I am wondering if you guys can ship gold securely to mainland china, and how are you going to guarantee that. I cant wait to buy your product.

    Thank you and looking for your reply!

  63. I ordered a fucking 2oz bar of gold, FUCKING CAME!

    This shits real.

  64. Mr Admin

    Thank you for the professional service. We will continue with larger orders.

  65. I made big profits reselling the diamonds. No questions asked.

  66. This is the site to buy from. 2 gold bars & cheap Sheffield shipping in 4 days.

  67. Thanks you are the only vendor to ship off here to NSW.

  68. Its dope

  69. I dont know about anyone else but I never need any papers. They did their own testing. I always ask for cash. I dont want a stupid check.

  70. Do buyers want any papers or anything for gold purchases?

  71. Thank you for your business.


  72. Just purchased 1 ounce of gold, waiting for delivery

  73. I need some gold for profit just hesitating any advice? Also I’m from us

  74. OK I get gold in mail.

  75. 106% Return!

  76. Just placed my order i am excited i can not wait

  77. The service is brilliant. Making money has never been easier.

  78. We do not sell any weapons. If you need diamonds or gold to use as a payment method we can assist in those transactions. We have provided this service before.


  79. Im interested in buying Gun Ak47

  80. We do not allow posting of email addresses or onion addresses.


  81. kaliboss45
    Hello friend,
    whats your mail? I would like to talk to you! How are selling your gold? What method have you found to work? Please email me 🙂
    Your truly

  82. I think you could have boxed my gold a little better.

  83. Good Seller

  84. He is my #1 vendor. What out for scams his site has been copied several other places.

  85. Im just tryna stock up gold

  86. It is machines grade lead. We use it for stealth purposes. It comes off easily with a toothbrush.


  87. What is the black stuff all over the gold?

  88. Mr. the gold has came to me in Kazakhstan.

  89. I made a purchase a few days ago and already got my shipment. It was much faster than I thought.

  90. Hi Carlos

    Your order was processed. You should be getting details shortly.


  91. Boa tarde, tem enviei um email com pagamento, fico aguardando um retorno.

  92. Mr. Admin is the nicest guy to do business with. Quick responses and he does what he says.

  93. It was suggested I contact you for gold purchase. I would like the same deal you gave my friend Haranka.

  94. Mr. Burns

    You order has been processed please see our response for more details.


  95. I emailed you for an order. I look forward to your response.

  96. I am buying up as much gold as I can. I think the world markets are going to take a big shit and gold will be the only thing having value.

  97. whats your email address?

  98. We understand the hesitation. Always make sure where you purchase everything matches, including photos, onion addresses, and descriptions.


  99. Just made my first purchase for some gold!! I will let you know if I get it! I hope its not a scam!! lol

  100. Please email us and we can discuss in more detail.


  101. Greetings lovemoney

    If you would like send us an email and we can discuss in more detail.


  102. Hi I will not be using my real email but I am curious how I can work for this company and bring diamonds to the US.

  103. I wasnt sure if you were talkin to me or not. For what its worth I use my lbc wallet or my blockchain wallet.

  104. what wallet do you use for your btc? what company?

  105. SUCCESS! The total meeting was 15 minutes and I pocketed over three grand. Thank you. I already sent an email to buy more.

  106. Greetings,
    thanks for the quick response, I will be meeting up to sell today.

  107. I looked up the regulations and buying gold or diamonds from you is illegal in the United States. Its prohibited to buy products mined or produced by child labor.

  108. Thank you for your kind words.


  109. This is my 4th order with G&D and I am noticing shipments are getting to me faster. Whatever you are doing to improve things, keep it up. Its working.

  110. You have a happy client in Croyden. Its brill.


  112. Trusted dealer. I am going to be a millionaire with this!! I just ordered 8 diamonds! I sell each for at least 6 thousand Euro!!

  113. Yes we can take monero. Send a quick email requesting the key and we can send the key to you.


  114. This looks promising. I have 2 questions:
    Do you accept Monero (XMR) as a payment?
    Do you use PGP? I’d like to encrypt my messages.

  115. Thank you Mr. Admin. The parcel arrived promptly.

  116. A+ Service and Product Quality. Careful there are a lot of scams out their that try to copy their site. Make sure the product picture onions match the address.

    Admin, take it as a compliment that scammers are trying to copy you. They are just jealous they are not you.

  117. Bro hook me up with some of that gold. I need a new car.

  118. Can you also delivery in London (UK)?

  119. There are scammers who copy our site everywhere. They dont have the product so they have to edit our photos so that our onion address wont show up.


  120. http://golddaxXXXXX.onion is that website a scam? They got all you got but cheaper! All there photos seem to be cropped. Do you know about them?

  121. Is it safe to buy from the jungle bunnies?

  122. Thank man. Good product and service.

  123. I saved my first order, I am sure gold will be going up in value. For my second order I want to resell, any tips from the pros here?

  124. It is legitimate. My precious metal order arrived by post yesterday.

  125. Thx bro for the professionalism. Its hard to find legit shopes these days.

  126. how is this illegal and what laws are being broken?

  127. The type ordered the most is bars. Over 75% of our order requests are for bars.


  128. whats the best form of gold to buy?

  129. Yes we do. How can we help?

  130. Do you ship to Romania?

  131. I buy lots of gold each week. I am Jewish and LOVE gold.

  132. I am in Asia and selling the gold was very easy.

  133. Why bother even talking to ignorant people like Micula???

    Im doin my first order of some gold & cant wait to make some $$$.

  134. I am not sure how our race has any basis towards our quality of our product or our professionalism. You do not need to buy from us if you do not want to. Since we did not get an email from a “Mikula” then I suspect you just wanted some attention so we gave it to you. As for our employment practices, our families receive food and shelter. The males can work over 12 hours each day and women, if not bearing children, can work 8-10 hours plus time preparing males. Its a good arrangement for them with lifetime employment. Many of our workers now have life expectancy over 40 years.

    In conclusion, please take your racist ass elsewhere.


  135. Just another couple of niggers selling their junk. Buy American. Stop supporting these slave masters.

  136. Thank you for the quick turnaround. I am looking forward to selling my gold for a quick profit.

  137. I need some xtra beer money but I dont wanna sell too much to create attention.

  138. I dont think the lead flakes are necessary. It takes too much time to clean off. I asked him not to do it on my next order.

  139. the gold is cool as shit and its super easy to sell

  140. Thank you.


  141. Hands down the best seller on the web.

  142. Hi Lawerance

    We are happy to work with you whenever you are ready.


  143. Testing your comments if it works ill buy.

  144. The diamonds are the best price I can find.

  145. I thought this was going to be hard but you are right the jeweler saw a good deal and took it. I pocked almost 5 grand.

  146. Yes. We are currently accepting new customers. Send us an email if you have questions or if you wish to place on order.


  147. does it still work?

  148. Testing for the forum, i will email you with my inquiries

  149. Mr Admin thank you for the good service. We will do much business with you.

  150. I sent in payment for the one ounce of gold. Can you help me with selling it?

  151. No, not to the general public. There is too much regulation and heat from law enforcement. Email me and we can discuss.


  152. Hi mate

    We did some biz awhile back with rhino horn, I dont see it on your site anymore are you still selling?

  153. Hi Ali

    Welcome to Gold & Diamonds. Let us know if we can be of assistance.


  154. Testing the forum

  155. I bought a few oz’s to add to my savings.

  156. Really great communication by email. Very satisfied buyer.

  157. Shipment came in now its time to flip it for some cash.

    Wish me luck.

  158. Im tryin this out. I need to make extra cash and I see those gold buying places all the time.

  159. Yes, it is difficult. We are happy to be of service.


  160. I need more of that sweet metal my friend. You run one of the best businesses on the dark web. You dont know how hard it is to find a vendor like you who is good to work with. Its tough out there.

  161. I bought an ounce to see if its quality is legit. Shipping was decent, 6 days. Testing showed 98% purity. Ill buy some more now that Im satisfied.

  162. Received diamond. Trusted.

  163. You can clean the gold with a toothbrush and water. The lead particles will come off.


  164. i have an inquiry regarding the gold received today. Much of it has black or iron particles how should I clean it?

  165. test test test t t t

  166. I noticed the same thing with the photoshop. I have seen a couple other clones as well that did they same thing. One clone didnt even bother to get rid of your onion address when they copied your site. You should shut those other clones sites down.

  167. The other site you mentioned is a scam clone. If you notice the pictures on their site, look at africa in the picture and notice the black borders are cutoff. They used photoshop to white out our onion address but nicked some of artwork. You will see that in almost all of their pictures.

  168. Are both these sites yours – golddig65dfkenb4.onion and this one The comments are different on both as is your contact email…

  169. The diamonds are gorgeous. I was able to get two 3 carat diamonds out of the 10 carat rough cut pack. I kept one and sold the other and still had plenty of money left over.

  170. 1

  171. Got me gold today

    Happy Happy Happy

  172. Fast and great service. Quality is good very little or no taint.

  173. Really great communication by email. Very satisfied client

  174. Longtime buyer from Mr. X here, he is very professional and very legit. I like his no bullshit approach. He ships fast and takes good measure to ensure there is no compromise of the package. I completed my 16th order from his organization this week.

    BTW I worked in fast food before finding Mr. X and now I make six figures a year reselling gold and diamonds. No bullshit. If you dont believe me that’s ok, keep doing what you usually do and see what changes.

  175. They sell the gold and diamonds cheap because they can afford to. They dont pay their people and treat them like slaves.

  176. No we do not do custom stamping.


  177. Can you stamp the gold bars with a special logo of my choosing?

  178. I placed my order, its my first on the dark network.

  179. The process was easy and the quality of the gold is 99%. I can confirm this after I had it independently tested.

  180. The Admin was very curious and quick with replies. I appreciate that. I am considering making a large gold purchase.

  181. I am so excited for monday to come.

  182. I quit my job and I want to try to sell gold instead. I have a small weed biz on the side. They might go together. I want to work with you and resell your gold.

    I am looking forward to good fortune moving forward.

  183. I am sorry we an not conduct such a transaction. We are happy to sell diamonds only if you wish.


  184. Now that our gold transaction has completed successfully, I would be interested in 40 carats of rough cut diamonds and 1 or 2 of your women. I will gladly pay for both including transport costs. My preference is to have the women carry the diamonds with them.

  185. A lot of people talk about the gold but their diamonds are really good quality. Yes they have to cut down but you can sell them for very high profits.

  186. When my shipment arrived the gentleman from dhl handed me the pad to sign. I refused and he said ok and left it with me.

  187. I fucked up and gave the gold to a guy and he said he would pay me in cash in the morning. I went to meet him and we didnt show up and his number is disconnected.

    What do I do?

  188. Ok. It all came off now I have shiny gold!

    Thank you

  189. It will come off easily with a brush and water.


  190. How do I remove the metal shavings off my gold? Does it just brush off?

  191. He is a good supplier of quality gold and diamonds.
    Rare find

  192. I finished my 2nd successful resell of gold. I am from the UK and I have 2 buyers and now a 3rd is wanting to do business. It really is the easiest way to build clients and make easy money.

  193. TEST TEST TEST SEP/2019

  194. Not bad

  195. They do a good job with our large volume orders. Shipping is quick and secure.

  196. 4oz of gold on its way. I will update when it gets here. I did the stealth shipping as well.

  197. The rough cut diamonds are very good quality also.

  198. I think gold is going up in value soon. I can buy cheap from here and sell it for a profit and make a nice amount of money.

  199. I read like every single comment and got really excited. I know I can do this and make really good money reselling gold and diamonds. I read a couple blogs on how to do it and get the most for it. One of the biggest issues they stress is that you need to buy at a low price and find a good source.

    I can check that off my list G&D fits the requirement perfectly.

  200. Hi,

    I found your site and made my first order. I am going to invest in gold.

  201. The vendor can deliver to India with success. Not many vendors do.

  202. Dear Sir,

    Thank you for professional service. Our 4 ounce gold order was received in a timely manner.

    Warm Regards,

  203. Our Apologies for the issue. We take special care of each shipment to ensure it safely reaches its destination. We are happy you were able to fix the issue. If you have any questions or concerns please email us.


  204. My only complaint was with the shipping process. They used an old camera to hold the diamonds but some of them were stuck inside and were difficult to remove. I had to essentially destroy the camera.

  205. I bought gold at other sites and GD was the only site to send me real gold.

    Legit professional sellers.

  206. Its cheap nigger mined gold and shitty diamonds. There are better ways to make money than buying from these monkeys.

  207. People who are new to starting a business selling gems give up because they are too scared to talk to jewelers. If you get beyond the fear it is easy to make 80.000 in the year.

  208. Very good. When you are ready to do business again we are happy to help.


  209. I did as you suggested and discounted another 3% for a cash payment. They accepted the terms and paid me. It was so easy. Now I am eager to do it again.

  210. The diamonds are rough cut. I did not know that. I wanted a finished diamond.

  211. Yes we can through a special process. Email us and we can discuss in more detail.


  212. Can your goods be sent to mainland China?
    How long will it take?

  213. We are happy to work with you. We look forward to your business.


  214. Greetings Mr. X,

    I just finish sending you my order details along with a few other questions i had regarding your services.

    Look forward to doing good business with you my friend.

  215. That is your decision. If you wish for cash only you may want to offer a additional 3% discount if they pay in cash.


  216. I am selling the gold to a business and they want to pay with cheque. Is that safe?

  217. Nice deal

  218. i want to sell full time is it possiable?

  219. Most people use their home address and a fake first OR last name. Please do
    not tell us how the name and address are attached to you. You can also use
    ship to an abandoned house, a hotel, a PO box or wherever else you want it.

  220. Since i am new to Gold and Diamonds on darkweb. My question is – if i am buying in India. What address should I provide to remain anonymous ?


  221. I am a little nervous I have an appointment with a dealer in the morning to cut down the rough cut diamonds. I am hoping for a couple 2-3 carats when they are done.

  222. Thank you from a very happy buyer in Seattle.

  223. Just made a test order for 1ounce of gold bars. Will let you guys know when I receive it.

  224. The prices are very very good. Payment was easy too

  225. Just testing the forum

  226. the operator here was nice and he was easy to work with

  227. They have provided tracking details. That was pretty fast.

  228. I just now bought some gold and diamonds. Go big or go home, thats what I say.

  229. How long does the whole process of buying and receving takes?

  230. Hi David

    We accept bitcoin as payment only. We can use escrow for larger orders. We are happy to ship merchandise to you in Taiwan. It may take 5-10 days to arrive to you. Please email us for more details on how we can assist you.


  231. How can I pay?
    Is there a third party guarantee?
    Have you sent it to Taiwan?
    How long does it take?
    Thank you

  232. Thank you Fang. I responded to your order request. Please check your email.


  233. I read on a hidden forum about your services. I am ready to have long business relationship with you.

  234. Im gonna try to unload 4ounces of gold from Admin on Monday. I hope it works.

  235. just writing something to check if the comments are working

  236. Mr. X is a very good wholesaler for quality diamonds and gold. It is easy to make profits with him.

  237. OK its August 30th and I’ve just placed my first tentative order of a whole 1oz bar, I stated to the team that they don’t know me and I don’t know them so it’s better to start off small. It cost (at the time) a whole 0.05713 BC (500E) to buy the 1oz bar. Hopefully I’ll be able to tell you how I got on with my experience, with the delivery and when and how it arrived, AND the sale of the item after, if all goes according to plan.
    But so far no complaints about the communications.

  238. I worked fast food in March and now I make more reselling gold & diamonds than all of last year. The best part my day is done by noon. I think its the least risky business for easy money there is.

  239. No. It is not an option.


  240. Would you seriously take bids for some of your slave girls? I really need a girl friend and foreign girls will love me in order to stay.

    What about the one on your site? Would you take an offer?

  241. Hell HadB

    Yes we do work with escrow for larger orders, generally over 1000 Euros at a minimum. We do not mark a shipment as signature required unless you ask for it. Generally our clients do not ask for it. Escrow companies will release funds to us after you as buyer tell them to do so, generally within 10 days.


  242. Considering ordering form you but would like some more information first.
    When ordering I presume (from reading previous posts on the forum) you don’t offer Escrow on your 1oz bars, so I presume for that comment you do on 2oz +?)
    When the order is processed I also presume that as a buyer I would have to ask for signature required delivery? and then the Escrow funds are released when I have signed for said delivery?

  243. You are one of the few sellers who can ship to India.

    Thank you,

  244. Submitted an inquiry. Hopefully it’s responded to shortly, will update with future information if all goes well or not.

  245. I want buy some 1 ounce GOLD.
    some body say it is legit…

    i’m not good English.sorry


  246. Mr. Dabuku we know who you are and the mines to operate. They treat people terrible no one should buy from you. Its sad people do only to get a cheap price.

  247. @Cool

    Stop being a fucking baby. That buyer was trying to take advantage of you. You can easily get 10% of spot price. Keep going. Its not that difficult to offload gold for a nice profit.

  248. I tried to sell my gold today but they wanted half of gold going rate. I wasnt happy about that. I thought it would be easier.

  249. First time buyer, awaiting delivery.

    Hope all goes well.
    Will report once its here

  250. Mr. Admin is a good trader and good communication. Order number 4 is on its way.

  251. made my first purchase today, will report when it arrives.

  252. Admin

    the gold arrived and I the lead came right off like you said. It was very easy. I have an appointment later today to sell it quick.

  253. I am proof you can sell rough cut diamonds. I sold all of them locally.

  254. Hello

    You should have your response now.


  255. I would like to make an order, just waiting for a email reply from you guys

  256. We operate everyday however not all shippers do.


  257. you guys dont work on bank holidays?

  258. What are you operating hours?

  259. Test 123

  260. How does one become an established client?

  261. Hey thank you i received my Gold Nugget, much appreciated.

  262. Please email me so we can discuss it further.


  263. Mr. Admin

    I need your assistance with my gold order. The parcel arrived yesterday and was left at my apartment complex but it was stolen.

    I dont know what to do.

  264. Yes we do. Send an email with your requirements and we can discuss terms.

  265. Do you have any Gold Bars in stock?

  266. We no longer sell rhino horn for security reasons. Email us and we can discuss some solutions.

  267. Im a customer from a while back. Do you still sell rhino horn powder?

  268. Congratulations on your sale.


  269. Mr. Admin thank you for your help. I am posting publicly because what you say is true. I sold 2 troy ounces of your gold within 48 hours. I never sold anything before.

    Thank you for your assistance. I will be another 8 troy ounces. I am working on other contacts so that I have multiple buyers. I plan on quitting my job and doing this full time.

  270. Nastya

    I apologize you are not pleased with your order. We did send the additional 1oz after your payment or it confirmed. In the future please make your initial order correct to minimize complications.


  271. This guy is incompetent at best. I bought 4 ounces from his and I got 3. I asked why he only sent 3 he told me because that is what I originally ordered and I changed it too late. Excuses Excuses Excuses, I should have received 4 ounces.

  272. No its not needed. Your buyer will likely chemical test the gold before buying anyways.


  273. My gold bars are not stamped, should they be stamped or something? Will that matter when I try to sell it?

  274. First, I love that black beauty on your site. Does she work for you or is she related to you? If she is available I would like to discuss terms.

    Second, how much gold can you deliver on a regular basis? I can do large volumes.

    Slave Master

  275. Excellent questions. Thank you for your inquiry.

    1) There is no way to prove anything on the darknet. People like the darknet because there is a lot of money to be made. With high profit is risk. If you cant handle the risk we always recommend you invest your money in a bank. Remember that it is not hard to double or triple your money quickly on the darknet, that’s why people like it. You will never find returns on the
    Clearnet that are greater than 4-5% yearly. Ultimately you need to do what your comfortable with, we don’t need your business with our established customer base and want you to feel good about your purchase.

    2) You can order whenever you like.

    3) We no longer sell finished diamonds only rough cut diamonds. There is more profit in them for resellers and easier to move.

    Send an email and we can speak more about your needs.


  276. Greetings Mr. X,

    I have few questions I was wonder if you could assist me with.

    1) Okay, So From reading an previous comment I see that you don’t offer escrow on your 1 ounce gold bars. I was wondering in what way do you insure to the buyer that they will be receiving there order?

    2) And considering you are legit just from viewing your websites forum, Whenever I do make my first order and receive my package, How soon can i make another order with you? (In other words is there a waiting period before i can make my next order with you.)

    3) Last but not least, I’ve pretty much read every comment you’ve had since you opened up your store/website up on the Dark web and noticed that you used to sell 1-1.25 carat diamonds that a bunch of your customers was able to resell for a very profitable amount of money and was wondering if you had any to sell if requested?

    Mr. X if your even able to answer one of these questions i would really appreciate it, I definitely looking forward to doing business with you in the future.

    (Even though we don’t know each other) I LOVE YOU (And everyone who’s reading)
    ———————————————Lets get this money——————————————————

  277. cool shit

  278. 1 time buyer in France and very happy with the service from Mr. X

  279. The gold is pretty cool. Its like mini bars.

  280. FYI they wont use escrow for 1 ounce orders 🙁

  281. Our gold is 24k after our smelting process.


  282. Team, how many carats is the gold?

  283. I have an arrangement with my dealers to pay using your gold bars. It works nicely and the transactions are untraceable.

  284. Water is fine. Use a toothbrush or another small brush to remove it.


  285. Do I use water to get the lead flakes out or alcohol or something?

  286. The only niggers that made me money. I wouldnt walk in your home but Ill resell your shit any day.

  287. That is up to you. Selling gold is not illegal so having a check is no problem. Maybe suggest 15% below spot if he pays in all cash.


  288. Admin,

    I talked to a local contact who is willing to buy my gold for -10% spot but he wants to pay with a check is that ok? I posted the question here as someone else might have the same question.

  289. The stuff came today bro. Nice!

  290. Gold is making some nice moves. I bought 4 oz here to sell it. I should make some good money.

  291. good shit

  292. I bought at 500 Euro and sold it at 1100 Euro. I wish I bought more.

  293. I made good money reselling to jewelers & the admin is there to give tips.

  294. its a HUGH MONEY MAKER.
    I bought gold 10 days ago, made $6,000 USD, and ordered another.

  295. Yo man this gold is the real deal! A toothbrush and was water was all that was needed.

  296. Test

  297. Thank you for your order Dorian.


  298. Just ordered will let know how it was

  299. c’est très bien. de confiance

  300. Just testing

  301. Hi Oleg

    Most order to Russia take up to 10 days depending on your location. Email us and we can provide you a with a detailed quote.

  302. Hello I am from Russia. Please tell me how long is the usual delivery from you to us?
    I plan to order 1 oz of gold for the experiment. Next I plan to cooperate more, ty for answer.

  303. I am happy with my purchase as the diamond are good size and quality. I recommend this seller & I will do business again for gold.

  304. Hi Maxload

    Of course. We are regularly communicating with existing and new client with our email address. Please email us again or check your provider for any issues you may be experiencing. If you are using torbox to send your email it will not work. Torbox users can only email other torbox users.


  305. Hello,

    i am interested to buy gold. I tryed to sent a email to but i did not work. Can you help me?

  306. Email us with you order and we can prepare a quote for you. We accept bitcoin for payment. We can send you additional information with your quote.


  307. Hi, I’d like to buy an ounce, but how can I know how does it work the payement and the shipping?

  308. Mr X you were right. I pushed back a bit and they offered a higher price for the gold.

  309. They wont sell anything less than 1 ounce. I tried on my first order. I did 1 ounce and it took 4 days and Im in Arizona.

  310. Does anyone know if this is legit? , I’d like to order but less than 1 ounce but I don’t know if its possible.

  311. I received my first order from Gold & Diamonds after 8 days. Overall, it was a good experience and I will buy again. Mr. X answers questions and it very helpful.

  312. Cheers

    Its so easy to sell here in the UK. There is plenty of quid to go around but I got the Bristol area covered.

  313. I think I have all I need to complete my first transaction. I have the gold ready and a meeting scheduled later today. If all goes well. I will be making some really good money and the dealer knows I want cash only.

  314. If you like please send us an email and we can discuss what your needs our.


  315. Great operation my friends. How I join in on this? I hate black people and can be a task master in Africa or whatever you need. Lets keep the diamonds rolling!

  316. Yes we do. Email us so we can discuss your need.


  317. Shiping to Brazil?

  318. Thank you Mr. Monsour


  319. It was a pleasure to do business with Mr. X and his team.

  320. Hi Puj

    Send me an email and we can discuss some solutions for you. We can take care of you. I am glad to hear business is good. You have come a long way.

  321. I sold a couple of diamonds to a local jeweler who asked about larger transactions. How much can I buy from you is there a maximum?

  322. I have never owned gold before. I thought the bars would be more evenly formed. I did take one bar to a vendor who offered me almost spot price for cash. I happily sold it.

  323. Hi Admin
    Do you ship to turkey? How many day’s to get arrive?
    which parcel? How can package avoid custom(like hiding the gold bar)?

  324. dear sir
    may i send daughter of me for remittance of gold and diamonds? she has blood is ready for marriage.

  325. I went to the same jeweler twice and both times he bought the gold did a chemical test and he paid me in cash.

  326. Hi Tom

    Yes we are accepting orders and all prices are current.


  327. Good morning
    This site is still active? Prices are still valid?
    Thank you

  328. We are happy to assist. Please email your order and we will get a quote to you promptly.


  329. I Need Buy Diamond

  330. Yes James we do. Send an email to to order.


  331. do you deliver to toronto canada? if so id like to try an oz of the gold bar.

  332. No thank you. We are happy to sell you gold or diamonds if you like.


  333. I know you say you wont sell your slaves but I have money.

  334. Thank you for your inquiry. We would be happy discuss your needs in more detail. Send us an email at


  335. Good Day Sir

    One of your regular clients recommended your services. Is it possible to conduct custom orders outside of what is listed on your site?

  336. Mr. Dong

    These are very good questions. Please email me so we can discuss in more detail.


  337. Dear G&D staff,

    I’d like to know how do you hide the gold in package if no stealth option is chosen? You said “multi layers of secure packaging” but I can’t fully understand it. Do you ship to Vietnam, and do you ship from Africa or via your partners in nearby area?

    Thanks for clarifying!

  338. Whats your email, i cant find it on the site?

  339. I am happy with my purchase
    thank you

  340. Chelsea14, email us so we may discuss your needs.


  341. I want to buy from you, how do i do that and how can i contact you

  342. I started with 2oz of gold and sold it after getting it. I love this site, your product, your service, and that hot babe on your site!

  343. Our workers are only for mining or keeping household for those who mine for us.


  344. @Apparent you are disgusting and I hope you burn in hell. Mr. X i pray you do not do business with him.

  345. Can I have sex with your slaves. I was planning a trip to Africa and would love to visit. Can you hook a client up? Any young girls?

  346. Mr. Chodhri

    We do business regularly to India. However our shipping process is different due to the customs laws in your country. Please email me so we can discuss your needs in more detail.


  347. Dear sir,
    i have some Que.
    can you ship in india ? when i get Order Safely
    what about custom if trace your courier
    whats a payment security
    how can i trust you sir
    i want to buy 1 oz gold but i have some trust issue..

    plz clear my confusion…

  348. I thought I was on the real site and got scammed then I realized by looking the pictures the real sites onion address, yours, was listed. I used that to get here.

    Now 2 ounces of gold are on the way

  349. I read all the comments and I decided to buy some gold. Everyone else seems to be making money.

  350. You can tell someone not so professional poured the bar. The important thing its pure. I got on Wednesday and sold it by Thursday.

  351. If you are too young you may have problems negotiating with jewelers but we are happy to assist. Email us and we can discuss in more detail.


  352. Hello Sir I want to buy and sell gold. I am in school now but I want to make money and I do not want to sell drugs. Can I work with you?

  353. At first i thought this was a scam so i did a safe buying, i bought only cheap gold nuggets, but now that is has arrived, i know its for real, please dont be angry GD , can i send it back to you guys and add money for a swap with pink diamons? i want to mkae bigger profit please reply to my email.
    thank you

  354. 3 ounces of pure yellow it on its way. Its like I own my own slaves! HAHAHA

  355. I gold and/or diamonds are mined by slave labor you should rot in hell for making money off the back of young africans. It is more insulting that you sell your products cheap. I am sure they do not get any of the profits.

  356. Our stealth process is always updated to maximize security.


  357. what did they change about the stealth that is so good? are they still putting diamonds in the cameras?

  358. I buy from G&D for more than one year and it is good product. They are using new stealth with gold that is very high tech. I wont say to spoil it.

  359. You are welcome friend.

  360. thank you mr x for helping me. I sold all the gold and i have a client for the diamonds. i will make more money in 2 transactions than i did all year working my shit job.

  361. Seriously? Use google to convert Euros to USD.

  362. Can you list the prices in dollars? I dont have any Euros.

  363. I recommend gold and diamonds after finishing my first order.

  364. I had the gold tested, pure was the result. I had immediate offers to buy.

  365. This was the an easy buy for me.

  366. Yes. We have several large volume clients for both diamonds and gold. Email us and let us know your needs and how we can be of assistance.


  367. a business partner suggested i contact you about some gold. i need large shipments can you fullfill?

  368. Not sure what race has to do with anything.


  369. Fuck u niggas

  370. Placed my first order for 1 ounces of nuggets 1 day ago and i got the fastest shipping possible to california.

  371. Negotiate

    Begin with -10% spot and work down to -20%, -30% etc.

  372. how much should I sell the gold for? i am new to this any help is appreciated.

  373. A+ Vendor
    2x Buyer

  374. Mr. X is a the perfect business partner. He supplies my shit, I make money, and he doesnt bitch like my wife.

  375. They send gold to DHL pakstation in small box. I like the vendor. Sorry for bad english.

  376. First time order here I need a new way to make money. I used to sell weed but business sucks now that its mainstream.

  377. Jorge

    We do ship to Spain using DHL. We only accept bitcoin as payment. Email us and we can discuss further.

  378. Hello, I´m interested in buying, do you ship to spain? how do i pay? how is all the tracking and shipment methods?

  379. Mr. X you changed my life my friend. I just finished my 3rd deal and made almost $20,000 in profits in just under 3 months. Im telling all my friends.

  380. Yes we do ship to France. Please send us an email with your needs and we can discuss.


  381. I want to buy 1 0z gold nuggets

  382. Hi, ship to France ? How long or tales ans shipment ans packaging method ? How serious ? Thx

  383. No they are not. We only deal in rough cut diamonds which are premature to receive GIA certification. Email us and lets see if we can help you.


  384. Diamonds are GIA certified, or are they sold separately?

  385. test

  386. My order arrived fast, only 4 days to EU address by post.

  387. Very nice. Gold is the easiest to resell. Most of our clients do so on the same day.

  388. I wont sell for less than 10% off spot but I have a guy I sell to regularly. If you do it right you can easily make 100.000 or more per year.

  389. You will always get offered less than spot price. They want to make money too. The question is how much below spot price are you willing to take? The answer to that question is different for each person. If its your first transaction and they offer you 20% off spot I would take it. You can negotiate a better price with repeat transactions.

  390. Hi,

    The gold came, thank you, I have someone interested but they are offering me lower than spot price. Should I take the offer or look elsewhere for a better offer?

  391. Email us and we can discuss further.


  392. Hi admin,
    I’ve seen your response to Shapiro in January that you ship diamonds to Kenya. Can you ship gold as well? How do I contact you for details and to make arrangements; I would like to get into this as a side business (especially the gold).

  393. I did my first order with GD and it as easy. Just know that if you order diamonds from them the arrive uncut. I know they said it on their site but I missed that detail. Im not worried as the Admin gave me some good deets on how to get them cleaned up and stil make money.

  394. Most of our clients do not tell us who they get their cryptocurrency from. I have heard that is a good source. Perhaps other reviewers can give you better advice than I.

  395. how to buy gold using bitcoin? im using an app swft blockchain you can send and receive up to 180+ cryptocurrency payment in instant, fast reliable no need KYC

  396. Listen to me. You will make money from their gold but delivery is slow, very very slow. It took 10 days to get my gold.

  397. Hi, which is the best shipping method for spain?

  398. Yes Mr. Frank. Usually 12-24 hours.

  399. How long does it take to get to get confirmation number?

  400. can you do a large volume deal in gold? More than 1 kilo?

  401. Im not sure about the diamonds, but the gold is easy money. I more than doubled my money and sold it the same day I got it.

  402. Please email us to discuss your needs.

  403. Hi, I am Iranian and I want to make a website

  404. My friend we are African.

  405. I conflicted as to whether I should keep buying from you I cant tell if you are black or an arab or maybe both?

  406. So so grateful to you, I recently received my order. 🙂
    the shipping was so good, I received my order within 5 days.I am thinking about making an new order. I totally recommend this site, It is a very easy way to make money.

  407. i am interested but lets see how long time it is gonna be if we are in Mexico we want to make a deal

  408. Mr. X runs a very good operation. I started with small orders but now do regular large shipments with him. Every transaction is professional and on time.

  409. Mr Kumar

    Thank you for your inquiry. Yes, we can deliver to India but due to strict customs regulation we have a different process. Email me and we can discuss it in more detail.


  410. How i can buy gold from you and you delivered your product in india or not

  411. We are well known and we have sold gold and diamonds for many years.


  412. Why is everyone saying your legit? Is this legit?

  413. these niggers know how to play the game and i put a few grand in my pocket too.

  414. No. We cake it in flakes for security reasons. The receipt was in case someone opened the package. Use a toothbrush and some water to remove the flakes from your gold.


  415. Why is the gold blackish and why does my receipt say lead? Did I get fucked?

  416. My gold is coming in tomorrow and my goal is to sell it the same day.

  417. Our smallest amount is 1 oz. Email us so that we can discuss your needs in more detail.


  418. Can I purchase a half-ounce? Not asking for a discount or anything just want to buy a smaller amount. Thanks.

  419. Can I sell the gold to any vendor that buys gold?

  420. I’m getting a ring made for my girlfriend it was cheaper this way.

  421. nice

  422. Positive Experience. A+ Seller.

  423. Everything looks legit to me. I made my first order and waiting on tracking.

  424. Ketan

    We do ship to India. There is a special process we use. We will send you more details to your email.

  425. Do you ship to India? I am interested in diamonds. What quality and size diamonds you sell.Please send me details to my email.

  426. test

  427. I tested with 1 ounce and tested the quality. Nice. Ill order again.

  428. lol

    I put Sir Puddles as the name for the shipping and today I get a box addressed to Sir Puddles. Well……Sir Puddles has some gold now. thx

  429. Hi Mark

    Yes we can help with special delivering instructions. Tell us what you need and we will do our best to make it happen as long as it does not increase our cost.


  430. Can you do special delivery instructions? I live in a apartment and they leave boxes at the door. I dont want that it might get stolen.

  431. I paid for 2 packages one gold & one diamond. One of the packages was delayed and Mr. X was really cool about it and making it right. Too bad other sites arent like this one.

  432. @Stella I have been a customer for about 6 months. I quit my job and now I sell this full time. I call it my import export business.

  433. testing does it work?

  434. I am closing a deal tommorrow with my first shipment of gold. It was easy to get a buyer.

  435. I am from France and the transaction was easy and safe shipping. Recommend vendor.

  436. i am a french customer and did get gold. a good place to buy. sorry for the poor english.

  437. thank you for helping me out and getting my questions answered you are only one to do that

  438. Email us for more details. We prefer to do large volume items with existing clients for your safety and ours.

  439. Can you do large supply to a location in europe?

  440. I am very happy we could assist you.

  441. i wanna make some money , can you answer me ? text me in my Emai please

  442. It took me less than a day to resell the gold. Its so easy!

  443. @rob I thinking for selling gold can you give any hints for someone just starting?

  444. hi there, no matter what i want to place an order of one ounce, but after i recieve the first order i plan to order much much more, i have placed orders with about 5 different websites and every single one of them took my money and sent nothing and started to ignore me. makes me very sad, i am going to try one more time with you guys, if you guys send me what i order i will be your customer for as long as you let me, and will place many many orders, is that ok? thank you so much. god bless you guys.

  445. We can ship to you in Brazil. We have many clients in country.

  446. Can you ship to Brazil?

  447. I started buying gold from Mr. X about a year ago. After a few successful transactions I moved up to diamonds. I started my own biz and replaced all my income.

  448. Kim

    We would be honoured to work with you Kim. Please send us an email as to your needs so we can discuss it further.


  449. is it delivered to Korea?Iwant to buy gold

  450. I know a jeweler that is down the street from my house and he doesn’t care where the diamonds or gold come from. He never asks and he always pays me in cash. If I knew it was this easy I would have done this years ago.

  451. If you are trying to email us from Torbox we will not get your email. You can only use Torbox to email other Torbox email accounts.


  452. Yes we do ship to Argentina.


  453. I get an error sending them to your email.

  454. Hello, I would like to know if your products are sent to Argentina and in
    what way.

    answer my mail please

    Thank you

  455. Mark Marky

    We are open. Please email us so we can discuss your needs further.

  456. Are you guys still up and running?

  457. They are good and professional and an easy transaction.

  458. Hahaha…. Sorry she is not for sale.

  459. How much for that beautiful Nubian Queen???? I need her to satisfy me!!

  460. Fuck ya i got the 20 deal on diamonds. im gonna sell that bling and bang it out

  461. Its an appropriate question. We have been in business for over 20 years and on the dark web for 5 years. We are one of the oldest shops for diamonds and gold in the underground network. If you have any questions please email us and we will be happy to help.


  462. Hi, you market is legit or scam?

  463. I feel bad reselling diamonds that come from slaves, my ancestors were slaves but the money is too good. I made more in 3 transactions than all of last year.

  464. Hi Hustle
    We are open for business and have been for several years. We have client throughout the USA. Gold is easier to move but diamonds have more profit margin.


  465. Apologies Jason, we only accept bitcoin.

  466. Hello are you still in buisness I’m interested in gold nuggets/bars and diamonds which is easier to sell for profit and safer to receive? I live in the U.S how long would it take to revive my package. I have emailed several times I’m very interested.

  467. Can I pay with Bitcoin-Cash or you only accept Bitcoin ??

  468. Is it safe to ship to an apartment buiding?

  469. Only you know your neighborhood. If you have issues with thieves stealing from your apartment then you do run a risk of your gold or diamonds being stolen. Perhaps it would be best to choose another shipping destination since there is an obvious concern.


  470. Easy purchase and fast shipping……
    Recommend Vendor

  471. Hi Sheteka

    Yes, we ship to the Dominican Republic. Send us an email with your requirements so that we can help.


  472. Do you ship to Dominican Republic in the caribbean?

  473. I just did my first order. I hope I can sell it fast.

  474. 3 orders later and I have made more money than my shitty regular job. Once I move this last shipment I am quitting my job and doing this full time.

  475. I cant wait to get my first order. I have a buyer and Im lookin to make a killing when it goes through.

  476. Diamonds are best quality and hidden good in shipping!

  477. Yes we do Jason, both gold and diamonds. Let us know how we can help?


  478. Do you deliver to Turkey/Istanbul ??

  479. Hi Tesla

    You can get a lot more money for finished diamonds. There are a couple of ways to get this done. Email me and we can discuss it more.


  480. Can you recommend a good finishing service for the diamonds? I sold a couple rough diamonds but I can get a lot more if they are finished.

  481. No. Just water and a brush will work fine.


  482. Mr Admin do I need to use toothpaste to remove the lead flakes from my gold or just run it under some water? I dont want to mess this up either.

  483. We received our diamond and its stunning!!

  484. The 1st transaction was the hardest and now I am getting good at it. I never knew selling gold was so much fun and profitable.

  485. Hi Nancy

    We would be happy to assist you with a diamond for your ring. Please send us an email and we can discuss further your needs.


  486. I want to buy my own diamond for an engagement ring. Do you have diamonds that are good enough for a ring?

  487. Yes Anon it is realistic to resell your gold for much more than you paid. Email us and we an give you more details.

  488. @cake did you resell your gold? how much did you make?

  489. They cake the gold in lead to hide it. FYI dont freak out like I did at first. It comes off easy though.

  490. Has anyone had a problem reselling the gold? I would like to try it out.

  491. Samud

    Send me an email and I give you some info on escrows.


  492. Hello There
    I would like to know if you accept escrow service from clear net?

  493. Hi,

    True professionals here. They take their time and make sure its right. I like that.

  494. Long time buyer here. I love this gold. I always get it without any issues here in the USA.
    L Jack

  495. Yes you can use the GIA site to confirm the diamonds. We do have some diamonds in that range available.
    Gold & Diamonds

  496. Is the 2.18 Carat Diamond available?

    What is the exchange rate from USD to Bitcion?

    Is there a guarantee on the product/purchase?

    Can I seach the website for authenticity?

  497. Hello, I am very happy with the gold that I got. Thank you so much!

  498. Hey it’s me I am a long time buyer from you. I’ve already sent you the worth of 500 euro and the gold is in the mail. I told my wife about this and she’s upset that I have been buying gold from you.Can I return the gold? My wife is very upset.


  499. Yes we’re still in business we mainly do business with existing buyers right now

  500. Gold and Diamonds , do you still in the market ? or you shouldn’t keep your website open anymore ?

  501. Poshli naxyi

  502. Yes Wallystripe it’s real but GoldDiamonds should not keep their website open any more. We want to be the exclusive buyers from GoldDiamonds group. poor newbies are a risk to all of us. so fuck off

  503. Is this legit? Im ready to buy a fuckton.

  504. @wlaeka yes we’ll do 1 ounce.

  505. @Wan
    Yes we ship to China and Vietnam all the time. No worries

  506. is there a minimum amount of gold i need to purchase for gold bars or would you even do it for 1 ounce?

  507. Can you ship to China or Vietnam, how many days?

  508. Hi I received my product ALREADY THANK YOU!

    order a 2 ounce gold bar with flawless transactionn!

  509. Very happy buyer from the UK!
    Love the gold!

  510. I am so pleased with the diamonds that I purchased! I bought 20 of the uncut diamonds and they have been out standing!

  511. do you send to Venezuela?

  512. Murad yes we do ship to Pakistan! We responded to your email

  513. Hi do you ship to pakistan? here gold has huge demand, i want to do a long term buying from you, let me know you thoughts.

  514. We have more gold to sell now! Thank you for your patience


  515. Yes I have seen this happen before. You will run out of Gold and then get more in stock. This is what happens with companies like yours. We will wait for more stock

    Best Wishes to you

    JP & Tom

  516. Hello Everyone!

    We are OUT OF GOLD! We have more shipments coming in and I will let everyone know how much gold we will have to sell within 2-3 days.

    Gold Diamonds

  517. Hey Freedom Fighter. Go fuck yourself. Your Charity is a scam.
    Gold Diamonds

  518. I’m with a human Rights group in Africa. Related to : African Court on Human and Peoples Rights.

    This website “Gold & Diamonds” is a real organization that really sells gold and diamonds. However these are NOT good people. And the governments in Africa will not stop them because they have bribed key people. “Gold Diamonds” causes harm to innocent people for their profit. If you are buying from them please stop. Donate the money you have earned to charities that will help fight

  519. Hello Alan: Yes we still are in operation and we still use Escrow. For anyone that doesnt know, that means you send the bitcoin to an escrow company, not us. When you get the product you confirm it is what you ordered. If it is then you tell the escrow to release payment to us. If it is not then you dispute it with the escrow and you’ll get your bitcoin back. We only use escrow on large orders though, it slows down the money is a big inconvience for us.

  520. Hello, is this business still running? I have a friend that bought gold from you for 8 months but he cant anymore because he went to jail for rape. He told me about you guys though. Do you still use escrow for your transactions? I am interested in buying

  521. Hello Gold & Diamonds!
    Part of my business model is a “Cash for Gold” operation. Right now earnings are really not that remarkable so I decided to give you a try because I have a friend who orders from you occasionally. I ordered 1 pound of gold on Tuesday 4/9/2019, I received it today on Monday 4/16/2019, at around 2:00PM PST.

    The package in an Amazon box and appeared like any other package. But when I tried to open it I discovered it had layers of packaging making it very hard to open. I had to get a knife to open it, and it still took me 10 minutes to get access the gold. And the packaging was destroyed. I think you do this to prevent curious people from taking a peek at what’s inside. Smart. Well It was 8 bars that weighed 2 ounces each. When you poured the bars they were not accurately weighed, and were plus or minus a few grams. As you know, 1 Ounce of Gold has 31.10 Grams. 1 pound of gold has 497.6 grams. I have one bar that’s supposed to be 2 ounces but it weights 54 grams, that’s 10 grams less then it should be. And another bar that should be 2 ounces (62.2 grams) but the bar is 72 grams. 1 pound of gold should have 497.6 Grams. I ordered 8, 2oz Gold bars and all of them combined weighed 507.2 grams. So you have an issue with accuracy. Additionally, these bars are NOT 99.99% pure either. Based on my analysis they are about 97-98% pure.

    Overall I am pleased with my order. I request that you shut down this site. You sell most of your gold for higher prices in other ways. You told me all about it. But I want to buy all the gold you have left over after that. You wont have to be bothered with new customers anymore because I’ll buy it all. I sent you an email about it.

    Gold Exchange

  522. Anonymous – Yes we do ship to north africa. But we will need more details to know how best to ship the package to you


  523. hello , do you ship to north africa .. i hope you do .

  524. It’s through emails. That’s the most secure way in our experience. And we dont have the expertise to make a very comprehensive site like amazon.
    Gold Diamonds

  525. Ok I got the order of 1 kilo of gold nuggets. I refined it into pure 99.99% gold. Your gold nuggets are 89% pure. You need to make sure people know that before they buy. Overall i’m pleased. I sent you an email for another order. I think it’s hilarious that you help people immigrate to the EU for ‘free’. I think it’s pretty clear they pay you back in work they do for you.

  526. How do I go about buying the go? Why is this website just comments? Im soo confused! I’m willing to spend a decent amount if quality and price is consistent with comments. Please contact me .

  527. How do I go about buying the gold? Is there some type of website to see the items or is it just email correspondence?

  528. hi gold,
    are you working with ancient gold?
    im talking about “qty”

  529. Lil Joker – Yea you can use a normal email. If you decide this type of stuff is for you maybe lock down your security with an email from or

  530. I came to the Dark net to buy injectable steroids but I stayed to buy some gold. Happy so far!! Go to “” for steroids you can buy that on the clear net actually


  531. Can I use a normal email don’t really know how to use this market stuff but willing to spend a lot of money

  532. Self Destruct we will update it in 3-4 more days.

  533. GoldDiamonds Team,

    Please seriously consider shutting down this site and only doing business with the existing customers. New customers are a risk to this business now.


  534. How often do you update the diamond listing? And can I request a specific carat and cut?

  535. I got a pound of Gold Nuggets. Always a pleasure doing business with you. I want to discuss having you shut down this website and only doing business with me. These other buyers bring risk to this operation.

  536. I love the gold I got more than i love my own dog. thank you

  537. I bought 3 ounces of Gold Nuggets, I live in Los Angeles California. The nuggets arrived in 3 days. I melted them down and their purity was about 87%. So far I am pleased I will be ordering again soon!

  538. Buyer in India. Gold is good
    The Three great mysteries: air to a bird, water to a fish, mankind to himself.

  539. if anyone buy just tell me if its real .

  540. I was recently laid off and need income fast. I accidentally found this site and it changed my life.

  541. Thank Susha for the kind comment. We hope to work with you again in the near future.


  542. Its the best priced diamond out there and their shipping methods are really good.

  543. Maggi It should take about 5 days I think. Best wishes

  544. I want to buy gold, I am from Paraguay. How many days take the shipping?

  545. test test tes

  546. Hello I am placing my 3rd order and I am very excited about getting more gold!


  548. What is the best way to get the lead flakes off the gold? Can I use a toothbrush or something? Im asking here because someone else might have the same question.

  549. Items shipped to Columbia take 7-10 days depending on your location. Shoot me and email and we can discuss your needs further.

  550. Do you ship to Colombia? How long does it take?

  551. Hi luigipizza

    Yes we can use a PGP key for the transaction. Email us and we can give it to you. You can also use encrypted email options like ctemplar or protonmail too.

  552. Do you use PGP key for transaction ?

  553. test

  554. I purchased a VVS1 quality diamond way cheaper than anywhere else I could fine.

  555. This is the safest way to make money in my opinion.

  556. I was really nervous trying to make my first sale but the guy bought my gold and never asked a question. He gave me cash and I made a good profit.

  557. If you are looking for a really good and quick profit. This is the place to buy. I only did a small test order of 1 2 ounce gold bar and I sold it the next day.

  558. fk ur jesus stupid d0g shit XD

  559. Make sure to tell people your gold nuggets are around 90% pure and bars are 98% pure. That’s the purity that mine have been

  560. Received the 5, 2oz bars of gold thank you!
    California, USA, 4 days shipping

  561. Do you sell any platinum if so can you name your prices?

  562. testing forum

  563. gold diamond our organization has not been happy at your shitty quality control. Sometimes we get a few grams more but mostly we get 1-3 grams less than an ounce. Very upsetting. We are going to use some other website unless you make this right.

  564. Goldbug yes they are traceable but only if we publish the diamonds GIA numbers that we are selling. We do not do this and that protects people. People have been buying these diamonds for years with no issues.

  565. Hey Admin you need to update your website. You have gold in stock again. we’ve been talking about it over email but you need to update the site, you forgot.
    Just trying to be helpful
    Milk & Honey

  566. If you use a GIA certificate, does that mean they are traceable? Do they have a serial number?

  567. I got the 2 ounce gold bar. I’ve ordered it before and I’ve noticed all of them have imperfections in it. It looks like it was poured by someone who has no idea what their doing. I re-poured the bar and it looks alot better. The bar seemed to be 95% pure, I removed some dross when I repoured it.


  568. I also deal with them horns ,,,if you got buyer forward

  569. Sent an email looking to buy diamonds on Saturday. Got a response on Sunday, sent the bitcoins the same day. Followed the shipping information and it arrived on Wednesday. Very happy so far. I think customer support should be better. I ordered 10 ounces of gold nuggets and got 5 grams less than 10ounces. I am still pleased with the order but please send me the full amount next time.

  570. The nuggets I got are different sizes, one is 12 grams and the rest are 2-4 grams. Can I request all the same size nuggets?

  571. I got my package containing two 2oz gold bars. Now I am placing an order for my next one. I’m excited!

  572. Hello admin.
    can I get 1oz in Kazakhstan? to work with you. with respect to You.

  573. Hi Admin
    I placed an order recently and when I received the Gold it was 34 grams and 1 ounce of gold is 31.1034 grams. Do I need to pay for the extra Gold I received? I dont want to have problems with you in the future

  574. the tracking information shows the gold arrives tomorrow! Fuck yea! I did a small order the first time and I regret it now. This order is for 5 ounces.

  575. we have placed an order, waiting for our goods to arrive, will update in a few days! excited as fuck

  576. I am also a buyer of gold from this site. I wanted to advertise that I sell child porn. contact me on {DELETED by Admin} for child porn. Best quality videos, unbeatable prices and best selection of kids.

  577. do you do transfers with an escrow, and if so what one would you recommend?

  578. thank you so much for the gold it came today and I am so happy it’s amazing thank you so much!

  579. sorry we have enough big customers we dont do small orders. Try a site that sells cheap stuff like stolen credit cards or something

  580. Hello, I ask again :
    Could I buy less than 1 oz ? 350 € Is quite a big amount of money.
    By the way, I don’t trust in your website because i have never buy from it, that’s why i would like to buy less, as a first purchase, in order to trust your website.

  581. the 2 oz gold bar I got was a few grams less than 2 oz. other than that it’s good and i happy

  582. I am looking to acquire some diamonds btw… just in case the logistics may vary with each product.

  583. Commando007 – the 1-1.25 diamonds will ship from the USA. If you want a specific diamond that will probably ship from Germany. Shipping to Canada will take 4-5 days for a Generic diamond and up to 10 days if you want a very specific stone.

  584. I bought a gold claim in Alaska and then claim I mined the nuggets from my gold claim. It’s been working great for me for 4 months.

  585. Hey,
    I’m just wondering if you ship to Canada and the estimated shipping time.

  586. do youy ship to australia, what is the gold purity level for the 1oz gold, and could i be nabbed by the feds for buying this?

  587. Fuck Interpol. They are a bigger criminal group than we are.

  588. I got the gold, that was the proof I needed you are criminals. I reported you to Interpol. You bastards are going to jail for a looong time.

  589. Hi,i love diamonds and gold and i am discovering your shop
    i was wondering what’s the size of a package for one diamond. Can pass like a letter to the box?
    Also i was wondering about your worker or slave: are they happy working for you guys ? i mean could you reassure us because some people says some negatives things here.
    wish you a happy business

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  591. I got the gold shipment in the UK. It arrived safety and quickly thank you!

  592. We have been thinking about it. With respect to the Indian Mafia we’re not sure if we want to get involved with your group. We have existing criminal enterprises in India and if you discovered your group might get upset with us. We are still thinking about it

  593. Hello admin
    We still waiting for you to reply us.

  594. I know someone who went through kuyangwoo and the cutting involved. sounds painful. we work alone we are sorry

  595. Hello I am sorry about that sir. You could try selling food to people in your area if you are looking for a cheap way to earn money quickly.

  596. Hello we prefer not to tell people the country of operation. We prefer our privacy.

  597. I used the handle Mandingokingkankan. If your are from Africa you will know what that means.

  598. Hi, in which country are you based please ?

  599. Hi vendor,
    I contacted you on email to order a sample gold nugget but you didn’t answer. Could you please check email and let me know?

  600. Do you ship to central america?

  601. Is the purchase or resell of gold or diamonds from you illegal on my part?

  602. Could I buy less than 1 oz ? 350 € Is quite a big amount of money.
    By the way, I don’t trust in your website because i have never buy from it, that’s why i would like to buy less, as a first purchase, in order to trust your website.

  603. I have a good source in Guinea,Conakry regarding gold and diamonds. How van we work together?

  604. Hey admin

    Lets talk about some serious business.
    I sent you mail, take a look and reply us either possible with you or not ?

  605. im 16, how could i get a jewler to take me seriously when offering to sell a diamond also would it be safer for me to try and sell the diamonds to a family run jeweler instead of a Large jeweler shop. thanks

  606. Your taking requests? ok cut off someones head and make someone else carry it around for a day. Post a picture because I think your full of shit.

  607. DickDaddy – sure i’ll show you the kid. I am not on location and I was told we cut a name into his arm but it was his back. After we cut that name into him a few other people wanted to add their names also and so the area got big. Later his dad made a big cut and removed all the skin so no names could be seen. I put the picture at the bottom of the FAQ.

    any other requests?

  608. They keep slaves
    Sell blood diamonds
    Dont buy

  609. lets see that picture of carved up negro’s arm. ur a pussy and it never happened.

  610. Without knowing exactly where you live I would guess it will take 4-5 days.

  611. Hello,do you still sell gold and diamonds????
    i write you an email but you not answere!
    please regards

  612. I got your gold so I know your legit but I dont care about your gold and diamonds. There is much more money to be made buying 5 – 10 yr old kids. Can you send me a few naked
    pictures of some options? I just emailed you

  613. Gold Diamonds Admin,

    That….was…HILARIOUS. HA!

    Fuck You Vengence. Learn respect

  614. I apologize for the delay we just replied.

  615. We used a knife to cut your name “Vengnece” into a kids arm. His screams filled the camp. We told him it was because of you. We’ll cut off and mail you a kids hand if you disrespect us again like that.

  616. Yes we ship to South Africa but your package will ship from Germany. We do not ship from our Africa location. Shipping is very easy from Germany. Shipping cost is included and shipping time should be 4-5 days

  617. Hi, I got the 5 diamonds nearly 4 days ago, third time purchasing. I only have one request – – please do not fold the GIA certificates. They all had 2 creases in them each and it looks unprofessional. I am very happy other than that.

  618. IM still waiting for a quote of 1oz

  619. You and GoldDimaonds company burn in hell! When I held the diamonds I imagined they were covered in the blood and crying of babies! You will suck on Satans big Penis! I want to vomit your site sells real product you got from harming Innocents!!! Fuckers!

  620. Good day

    I would just like to inquire about shipping to South Africa , Ive read that you guys ship to Europe , Asia and America and africa was not not listed . Would you guys be able to and what are the shipping times and expected cost

  621. To be safe I would allow 14 days for delivery in India because we do not know where you live exactly. So if you wanted to wait to receive your gold before placing another order it would be 2 times a month.


  622. Hi
    It seems you have full right on comment section, as my comments shows awaiting moderation, does this also means you can hide some comments you don’t want to people see.

    If any one with you is unhappy or get cheated and if they come here to comment publicly you can stop their comments, then how this public comment system are ethical ?
    Because many of people looks reviews before purchase but if you can control reviews this will not ethical

  623. If you send person to hand over gold safely to us in India.
    Then how many transaction you can give in a month ?

  624. Hello their

    I am from India and intrested to buy gold 500gram bar per transaction but before to start as sample i will order only 1oz.
    Where sending gold parcel are easily traceable and can be hack down by law enforcement not only that but they also ignore that parcel to seal at that time but they use that to catch fish they follow parcel till deliver address to catch us.
    So insted of making parcels like this send by more safest medium, don’t your people came India to handover goods ?
    Futher we can buy diamonds as well.

  625. I’m a KKK Member and I love buying from this site because I hate black people. Fuck em good and hard.
    I would fuck a black chick but if I did I would beat her because black chicks deserve it.
    keep up the good work criminal group!

  626. Alex

    We just now sent the information you requested. We assumed you are looking for powder only, if you wanted whole horn let us know, but for now your quote was prepared.

  627. Hi, i would like to buy Rhino horn and gold bars from you.
    Can you ship to India safely ?
    Please let me know the details of shipping and delivery so that we can move forward.

  628. I read lot of about you guys – 100% ppl said u hurt black people!!!!
    How can you exploit the poor people in the world that is so horrible!!!

  629. Gold Nuggets is roughly 85-95% pure. The gold bars are 95%+

  630. What quality is the gold ? Im very interested.

  631. I think some people posted this but they send the certificates for the diamond in a differet package. I was freaking out then they came the next day.

  632. The shipping by post was fast and hidden. Good professionals

  633. I showed them the diamond and the gia certificate and they made me an offer on the spot. This is my new business in 2019. I already made more money in one transaction than working 3 months almost 50 hours a week!

  634. No. They dont care where is came from as long as its real. Our clients sell gold in both pawnshops and jewelers. Either way they are going to buy it from you for a little under spot price.

  635. Will I have to show where I got gold from, selling gold in a pawnshop or a jewelry store?

  636. No. We ship from within the EU.

  637. Will I have to pay customs duty for shipping to Poland?

  638. just want to test comment function. going to order soon, will leave feedback asap

  639. Yes we do ship to Columbia. We only accept bitcoin at this time.

  640. hey, is it possible to pay through paypal?
    do you ship to colombia?

  641. No they do not.

  642. Do gold bars and gold nugetts contain any certificates?

  643. I wish you would sell more than 12 ounces of gold. I could make a lot more money.

  644. Hi all guys

  645. Hi all guy

  646. Hi Wondersky. We dont publicly comment on our shipping methods for security reasons. Email us and we can discuss in further detail.

    Mr. X

  647. Hi Gold Diamonds,
    Can you tell me if the package you send for diamonds and gold goes into the french mailbox ?
    Mailbox look like that : 260mm Large x 260mm long x 340mm High
    Waiting your answer before order,

  648. I was selling H before it was risky. I am working with Mr. X for 3 months now and I make a lot more money than before. Plus my chances of going to jail are now 0%

  649. Yes we are available. Please make sure you are emailing us

  650. I sent you an email and I think you have not received it. Are you still selling gold and diamonds? I’m very interested but I can’t contact with you.

  651. We are happy to work with you. We an sell 1oz of Gold Nuggets. We do not have 1oz Gold Bars available. 1oz is 350 Euro. Email us and we can send you a quote.

    Mr. X

  652. Hello, is it possible to buy 1 oz gold bar? What would the transaction look like? on which wallet would I send BTC?Shipment to Poland. I reported to you
    on e-mail but you do not answer. Greetings

  653. No. Its very safe.

  654. I read on your F.A.Q. something about releasing the payment after the package arrived, what does that mean? Sorry i’m new with DW Shopping

  655. im afraid to buy from you since you keep slaves. can i be caught?

  656. High quality gold and cheap prices….cant go wrong.

  657. Yes Mr. XYZ we do ship to China. We a special process due to strict Chinese customs. Please email me so that we may discuss further.

  658. The gold is high quality. When I sold it they tested a piece and it passed. I was pissing my pants but it worked out and I added a nice chunk of change in my pocket.

  659. Have you done any shipping to China so far? Would like to buy a diamond for my future wife. Hope to hear from you.

  660. Reselling diamonds is the easiest business I ever worked. I sold weed in the past and made piss compared to what I make now.

  661. Hi Federal. No we do not accept any credit or debit cards. We only accept bitcoin currently.

  662. @federal:
    I wanna buy gold but dont wanna use my money i wanna use another persons credit card instead, is that posible with that persons info u debit the ammount of money for my gold buy? im gonna be waiting an answer ASAP. thanks!

  663. I’m interested in buying gold from you my friend and diamonds thank you

  664. Please use Please only use lowercase letters.

  665. Your email is not working how can i contact you?

  666. Yes. We have many clients who started their own business reselling our diamonds. Jewelers do not care they only want to make money and they gladly do business in cash.

  667. Ok I did get the GIA cert. It was under another number.

    All good.

  668. How fast can you produce diamonds? In your experience is this profitable enough for an average person to live a decent life outside of a “normal” job?

  669. Reco check your tracking information. It is a separate package.

  670. Hello,

    I am very interested in making a purchase, since I already am of the branch here in Brazil.
    And here it is getting more expensive and difficult to find something of good quality.

  671. Hey my diamond came but there was no GIA certificate. What gives?

  672. Usually 10 days.

  673. How soon does my order arrive in guadalajara mexico?

  674. Please use Please use all lowercase letters.

  675. also, which email address should i email? or

  676. Shipping to a PO Box in the USA may be an issue. It is recommended to use Fedex or DHL for better security of your package and prying eyes of postal officials.

  677. Can you try again? For some reason we are having an issue opening your email.

  678. Hello, i have been very interested in buying from you, i figured out how to use bitcoin wallets and all, the only problem i have is getting a shipping address, do you ship to P.O Box?

  679. Hey are you still selling? I emailed you twice yesterday and haven’t received a reply yet

  680. Hangman
    We were having some email issues. We apologize for the delay. All of our products are priced in Euro. To get USD pricing you can email us or use google or another search tool to get the conversion rate for Euro to USD.

  681. Sent email no respond. How much are your products in US prices?

  682. Hello darkto

    There are many scam sites that have copied our site and tried to mislead clients. Unfortunately it is giving us a bad name. If you notice, with most scam sites they can not alter the photographs of the products without ruining the picture. They do crop some of the pictures to remove most of onion address listed in the background. If you look carefully at their pictures you will see part of our onion address in the background. They are hoping you wont notice and simply send them money.

  683. there are 2-3 sites like this which one should i use?

  684. Anyone got to germany?

  685. Fuck these guys. They abuse Africans in order to sell their products cheap. They cant operate legitimately because legally because they mistreat their workers.

  686. Mr X was a big help and I easily sold 1.25 carat diamond to way more than I paid for it. Plus the jew buyers give you cash.

  687. Yes we can Robert. Email us and we can discuss your needs further.

  688. Hi, canny ship to india?

  689. Can you send me a few of your niggers to work my plantation?

  690. Tested them with a 2 ounce gold bar order. 99% pure and very easy to sell.

  691. You can purchase whenever you like. We can sell up to what we have in inventory. The only exception is with gold. You can only purchase up to 12oz of Gold.

  692. Yes we are. How can be of service?

  693. Are you still working?

  694. How often can I buy from you? Are there any limits?

  695. Really Really Really Really Really Really Really
    Good Experience

    TY Mr. X

  696. @Sandro

    I just allow myself to answer. If the admin has something against, he can delete this post very much.

    You can safely shop via TOR, VPN and pay via BTC. Please attach an email address via the TOR-Browser to the order. I recommend Proton.

    On January 23, 2019, Gold and Diamons answered the question here in the forum to which address you can send the goods. Please read there. I also recommend you to RIGHT to read on the website. Almost all questions are answered here.

    Of course you do not have to pay any duty on the goods at the airport. xD.
    I think that the sender avoids this.

  697. I am sorry you experienced this problem. We can not guarantee the shipping companys will not mess up the process. All we can do is try to make it right. In your case, you did get your product as promised. I hope you will consider us again.

  698. Not the best professionally. They lost my package and it took almost 12 days to get it fixed. Once it did arrive the diamond was as described but there was too much drama for me to buy again.

  699. Dear Sirs
    Have you delivered in Italy in the past?

  700. Hello i am new to this market and i want to make my first purchase, i am from portugal and i got 2 questions is it safe to ship to my home address and will i get checked in airport custom?

    Overall i want to know how can i make a purchase safely

    Thanks for the help will be waiting for the answer.

  701. hello can you ship to lebanon i have a big work

  702. I bought my girl friend a diamond from this place. The diamond was nice but my girl dumped me 2 days later. I am so pissed.

  703. I bought the small diamond and resold if the same day I received it. This is the easiest money I have every made.

  704. Hello can i buy in germany few diamonds ????

  705. Mr. K

    We can ship to India. We have a special shipping process to India due to strict customs enforcement. Email us and we can discuss further.

  706. can you ship 2 oz gold bar to INDIA

  707. I apologize it really depends on the country. Send us an email and we can discuss this in depth

  708. Sir,
    first you say that you can ship it to a PO Box and then you say that you can not send packages to PO Boxes. What is that about?


  709. How long will it approximately take if you send to a location near Germany?

  710. It can take up to 10 days.

  711. How long does it take to recieve?

  712. Most people use their home address and a fake first OR last name. Please do
    not tell us how the name and address are attached to you. You can also use
    ship to an abandoned house, a hotel, a PO box or wherever else you want it.
    We can not send a package to a PO box. Before mailing the package we
    confirm that the address is valid. We cant risk returns.

  713. Hello,
    I am interested in doing business. The important question that has held me back to do business so far was the following:

    How do you promise anonymity if we are meant to hand out our personal information such as the name and the address, the product will be shipped to?

    I am awaiting your answer


  714. Yes. We are happy to help.


  715. Checking to see if you guys are still active will place order if so

  716. The diamonds are good quality and well hidden inside special packaging. A+ vendor!

  717. Mr. X a vendor wanted to give me less than spot price for the gold. I told him I would come back. Is that normal?

  718. Email us and we an help. We can get you started.


  719. Hello,

    If i want to buy in the usa how can you help me. I dont have any experience with bitcoin, only cash becuz i am goin to the mineral show tuscon.

    Maybe there is Some way i can get some.

    Regards ,


  720. Trying out the comments section to see how well things work here

  721. Mr. X thank you for really good service and fast delivery

  722. The 1.25 carat diamond is simply beautiful. I love it. I am giving it to my lover and partner. She is my life and I wanted her to have something wonderful like this.

  723. That is per diamond price.

  724. 1-1.25 Carat Diamond € 575.00
    How many gems do u sale for this price.

  725. You probably have run across some scam sites. Unfortunately they are out there. They try to copy our site but fail to remove all of our safety measures. That causes conflicting information to be posted on their scam site.

    Our official onion is golddig65dfkenb4.onion and our email is

  726. I don’t know which email to use I have 3 different one for you guys and have been given different prices and different addressees

  727. hello gold & diamonds.
    how long does it take to deliver a few diamonds to germany?

  728. It can take up to 10 days depending on what items you ordered.

  729. This is a really good vendor. I bought 8 ounces of gold and it was very easy to resell it. I have sold other things before and people want to know its history but with gold no one asks questions. I like that.

  730. Hello, can you please tell me how big is the 2 oz gold bar? i mean the dimension L;l;h

  731. Gordo

    I am sorry you did not get as much for your diamonds as you expected. Many people would be happy to make 9.000 Euro in profit from a 1.800 purchase.

  732. I am from Spain and buyed 3 1,2 – 1,27 carat diamonds. I was to earn 12.000 from the sale but i only get 9.000. Mr X did not help me to get 12.000.

  733. Mr. X was really cool and helped me with my first sale. It was sooooo easy and I cleared several thousand in profit.

  734. Yes we do. All of our prices include shipping.

  735. Hi, the price of your diamonds seems very competitive, I would be interested in buying

  736. Up to 10 days.

  737. Hello, how much is estimated shipping time in Italy?

  738. Hi Shapiro

    We do ship to Kenya. We have a very large client there for diamond sales. We would be happy to work with you. Email us.

  739. Do you ship in Asia?

  740. Do you ship the diamonds to Kenya?

  741. Thanks for the reply!
    Due to where I live I have to presume that customs will FOR SURE check the package. With that in mind what do you recommend as the best way to proceed? A diamond in a normal jewellery box with some paperwork so it looks all normal and legit? Or a more secret way of packaging it and hope they don’t find it? As far as I can tell ordering diamonds isn’t illegal as such, so providing it is packaged right it shouldn’t be a problem if customs see it? What’s your experience on this?

  742. Hello
    Mr. X thank you for the diamond. My girl friend loves it! Im telling all my friends about you.

  743. Charlie C,
    This is a very good question.
    When we ship within the USA or EU we do not have to get through any customs. No one will be inspecting the package. This is because of shipping laws when shipping within the USA or EU. In those cases shipping is very easy and yes we ship in a normal way. Sometimes just inside of a jewelry box or something simple like that. Remember the diamonds are shipped separately from the certificate.
    We use extreme shipping protection when we need to get through a countries customs. This does not apply to the European Union or the USA though. We do use secure concealment methods when shipping to the middle east, Australia, South America, ext ext.
    GD Admin

  744. Yes we do, good question

    GD Admin

  745. Yes shipping to Romania is not difficult. The most difficult countries are those in the Middle east for example Iran & Israel.

    1. We send shipping confirmation right after you send payment. We know how much anxiety this process makes so we try to reduce anxiety by shipping quickly. We do not allow payment after you receive the product. I am sure you are honest but if we allowed this then many people would be dishonest with us. They would have us ship alot of product to them with a promise the would pay us, then they would not pay us. So because of this we require payment before shipment.
    2. A 1-1.25 carat diamond costs 575 Euro, that equals about 0,1716 bitcoin.

    GD Admin

  746. Just let us know what you want and we’ll help you complete the order.

    GD Admin

  747. Do you mean from “” wallets? yes you can send it to us from that wallet.
    -GD Admin

  748. Yes we do accept escrow but it must be a company outside of the 14 eyes, and does not require any personal identifying information from ourself.

  749. About comment moderation… Some of you know our aliases. You bought from us long ago when we did bulk deliveries in person. So yes we do hold comments before they get posted just because we are worried someone will post our alias. If someone know’s an alias they can figure out alot about us. It’s just a risk we dont want to take. We post all negative comments though, you can test that.

  750. Hi, i saw that you send diamonds to Romania too. I wana know 2 things to be sure….
    1. tell me please the procedure for paying. I mean i send the BTC but how it works? i dont want to send it till i dont i have my diamonds on its way or something like that, or at least to know with proof its on its way.
    2. in BTC how much is estimated?

  751. How to deal with you

  752. my comments are being moderated ?

  753. test

  754. Do you ship to India? Can it be done with escrow?

  755. Hello, do you accept bitcoin through blockchain?

  756. can you ship 2 oz gold bar and dimonds to alaska?

  757. I just want a bit more info on how these are shipped. Are they loose in the camera or hidden well inside it so if it is opened it won’t be easy to find after that? Also is the packaging and paperwork of the ‘for repair’ camera as if it’s from a legit workshop or something?

    Also is there any reason these can’t be shipped in a legit looking box, like you were ordering from a normal diamond company like or something? I’m just wondering why they have to be stealth when they have certificate etc. Whats the reason to do it that way? Could you just have it open to inspection as if you’d bought a normal diamond, say for your wife or something…?

  758. Hi Andr

    How can we help? Email us and we can discuss your needs.

  759. Yes we do ship to the UK often. Please email us and we can discuss your needs.

  760. Do you ship to UK? can it be done with escrow?

  761. Yes we do. Email us and we would be happy to discuss your needs.

  762. Hello
    Do you deliver to Sweden and what is the estimated delivery time?

  763. Dear seller hello I just saw that you have such a suitble source recently. I would like to know if your GIAcertificate can be found on the official website.and can it be shipped to china?if we can do that we will cooperate for a long time .I intend to open a jewelry store in china ,and how to exchange Bitcoin and EURO directly. can you increase the amount of bitcoin you need to pay? thank you very much .I hope we can cooperat happily

  764. I tried a gold bar. The shipping was a bit slow 11 days and it was in lead powder that I had to take it off. I was able to and sold it locally for spot price.

  765. Hello

    I sold my diamond last week for a significant amount. It was more than I thought I would get.

  766. Mr. X sells realy good quality gold and diamonds. This was my 2nd order and I want to do many more.

  767. Mr. X thank you thank you thank you. I got the diamond for my girlfriend and I am ready to propose. She is going to love it. I dont care it was mined by slaves because it will make my girl happy. I wont tell her where it came from. I dont think she cares anyway.

  768. Yes we do Mr. P. Email us and let us know what your needs are.

  769. Hi, do you ship to brazil?

  770. I have ordered 1 oz gold, sent payment and shipping info, and recieved our tracking information. I am looking forward to its arrival.

  771. Took the leap of faith and purchased some gold. Really good service. Thank you.

  772. do you deliver to mexico?

  773. Yes we ship to Mexico often. Email us.

  774. Hi guys. I reviewed your catalogue and I wanna purchase some gold very urgently. Can you give me an answer?
    Greetings from Germany!

  775. Yes we do Enzo. Email us so we can see how we can help.

  776. Do you ship to Brazil?

  777. Hi Miles

    All of our diamonds are GIA certified with certificates provided. Gold has been smelted and is untraceable.

  778. Are all the products guarantee’d to be real?

  779. I am a fellow vendor on the DW but I too resell diamonds from Gold and Diamonds. The profits are strong and their shipping methods of first class stealth!

  780. i asked mr. x if i could blow him for some diamonds. he respectfully declined. damn I could use some nigger cum in my mouth.

  781. Mr. X offers the best business deal on tor. I resold my diamond for a huge profit. Plus just like he said no one asked any questions.

  782. I sold my first diamond using Gold and Diamond in less than 24 hours! 300% profit and the buyer wants to do more business! I found my new job!

  783. im trying to buy some diamonds anybody got their stuff reacently?

  784. About 5 days to most locations in France.

  785. hi ,this sounds like a great deal , what is estimated to France ?? was looking for long time site like this

  786. If you want good quality and no bull shit Mr. X is the da man! I did both diamonds and gold and quickly resold them locally for some nice cash.

  787. Hello sir/mam
    I m From india.
    And i want to order gold.
    But i have few questions about the order which is as listed!!
    It is available for india?
    Does it escrow available??
    If yes then how much days it takes to deliver the courier??
    If i am satisfy with above questions, i may be do More order with yours..!!

  788. just placed my order followed this for awhile finally getting involved i post results

  789. I want to buy with btc, and I need detail order information.

  790. How many k the gold is, 24k?

  791. Yes we ship to NZ. We use very strong stealth shipping methods in order to pass customs inspection. Email us and we can give you more details.

  792. Dear Admin.
    Greetings Sir, I hope you have been doing well. My name is Crispy and I am interested in conducting consistent and continuous business with you. I am wondering if any stealth is required with the importation of you’re Diamonds? Also, have you made successful deliveries to New Zealand?
    I look forward to you’re response.
    Cheers, Crispy.


  794. Thank you to send in germany.

  795. please pm me the cost of delivery to asia country. Thanks

  796. Yes we do.

  797. Yes. Diamond comes with its GIA certificate.

  798. i am from China?can you ship it to me?

  799. Hello, I am in China, I want to know how long I can receive the goods. Is your diamond a GIA certificate?

  800. Good site!

  801. do you accept escrow?

  802. Hello,

    I found Gold & Diamonds a few weeks ago and bought a starter diamond and a few ounces of gold. They arrived as described and with the help of Mr. X I sold them in less than 2 days with over 500% profit. I felt bad that slaves mine this stuff but I needed the money. The jewelers I worked with are eager to do another deal.

  803. I am very interested in buying your products, I would like to buy gold, if everything goes as it should, I would love to buy diamonds, I live in Brazil and Chile, there are possibilities to send the products to both countries and how long it would take, if their conditions are met, believe me I will keep buying, thank you I hope your prompt response.

  804. the prices here are unbelievable i do not care about the source but how do i know for certain that im getting what i paid for? i have tried ordering from other shops on darkweb but have been ripprd by 2 places im new to this but like the idea just cant seeem to tell who is scamming and who is ligit.

  805. 300% profit in 2 days.

  806. Nice site. Thanks Mr. X

  807. hello I was just wondering if you guys do escrow this really could be a good thing …thanks

  808. Hi how long will it take to ship to the usa?

  809. Hi, i saw that you send diamonds to Romania too. I wana know 2 things to be sure….
    1. tell me please the procedure for paying. I mean i send the BTC but how it works? i dont want to send it till i dont i have my diamonds on its way or something like that, or at least to know with proof its on its way.
    2. in BTC how much is estimated?

  810. BEST VENDOR ON THE DW!!!!!!!!!!

  811. are you guys still operating? i want to get involved next week.

  812. bought diamond here….good quality….international shipping is good too

  813. Where part of Africa are the products coming from ?

  814. Hello,
    this may be off topic, but i am looking for treasure hunters, i know the exact spot of where some treasure is burried. i have strong evidence to back it up but no experience or resources to go after it on my own. Land is in Amman, Jordan.

  815. Hello. I am from spain. Is posible pay with PayPal

  816. Good Service and Good Price. That is hard to find on the DW. Thank you Mr. X

  817. testing

  818. I have 2 gold stores in China. I bought gold. Can you ship to China? is it safe. But I am not sure if it is safe to ship to China because China has customs.

  819. I get delivery in the UK and it typically takes 11 or 12 days. This place is a good source for cheap diamonds and gold with excellent quallity. However, their service is simple. Then again what can you expect out of africa?

  820. HHello, is delivery to Russia possible ?how many days and what are the terms of the deal?what volume are you ready to offeri

  821. This sound like a great opportunity to quit my shit job and start new life!
    How fast can you send me diamonds to England?

  822. I’m not so sure about the delivery. I mean, I’m a bit afraid in leaving my actual address. how can we do?

  823. Fernando

    I live in the UK but I have a second home in Spain. I have Mr. X ship all my diamonds to Spain and I resell them for huge profits. It is the best business I have ever been in and it changed my life.

  824. Do you ship to Spain? How long it take? Im interested, i think buy some gold, if it result to be a good deal ill get back to buy diamonds also

  825. Hi. I interested to buy some diamond from you, but I need to know how long and if you do send your product to England. Please answer me ASAP, I can’t wait to buy some stuff from you.

    Thank you.

  826. I bought 5 diamonds from Mr. X and sold them to a jew in the neighborhood. I pocketed $30,000.

  827. Please let me know if the gold is pute 24 cirate, and how much is the weight of 2oz gold?
    can u ship to Kabul, Afghanistan,?
    what about the custom?
    can u pass it
    i have jewellery shop in Afghanistan

  828. #1 Seller of Gold & Diamonds. A+++++ Vendor

  829. I thought this was scam. I order nonetheless. I did get products and they are what they claim. I bookmarked this site for more business.

  830. I sold my gold locally and made 100% profit

  831. The process is simple and they ship fast

  832. Hello, i looking to buy next month for the first time.
    What whit proces the rafinery work to 98% is make? whit the gold you sell?

  833. The diamond is so beautiful and the price was even better!

  834. do you ship to india ? is this escrow ? I am assuming that it is your responsibility to deliver it ? Wont this shipment be caught ? I am interested in buying a 2 Oz first, if we are satisfied with the quality of the product, than we will plan for big quantity.

  835. Hey,

    I work at a jewelry store, but im only a clerk, there is a guy that comes in and resells diamonds. I ask him how to get into the business and he gave me your site information.

    How do I get started?

  836. hi, how long will it take to deliver at my door step.
    I am from south africa

  837. Fucking sand niggers rapeing the blacks of africa for their resources

  838. Thank you thank you thank you thank you. The BEST service and source for diamonds and gold. No bull shit just good service.

  839. Do you ship to china? How long it take? I want buy 1 oz gold first is ok?

  840. Its about 10 days to Switzerland. We are happy to work with you and get you started.

  841. We are happy to help. Just email us to get started.

  842. Really good quality and their shipping is really really really good. Very well hidden.

  843. I want to buy, but afraid to leave my actual address. please let me know how you proceed.
    how long to ship to u.s

  844. how much will de service take from there to switzerland
    i wnat do you idea and i want to buy some good diamonds when i make profit we gona do some good work together i hope we gona find some good way

  845. I started my resell business as a new years resolution and started with one diamond. Since then I have sold gold and diamonds from here for a $300,000 profit. It has changed my life!

  846. Do you deliver to Sri Lanka? If yes, was it successful?

  847. Do you ship to Mexico? How long it take? Im so interested in your producto, but i gues i will buy gold first. if it result to be a good deal ill get back to buy diamonds

  848. Hey guys im very interested in your products, do you ship to Mexico? i guess a will try with gold first. Later, may be D…

  849. 1. How do you ship without being caught?
    2. Do your workers work for you voluntarily or are they forced?

  850. Great service and great product!

  851. test

  852. Hi, how do you ship 1 oz gold to Germany or Europe and is it really legal to buy this gold?

  853. i just found you guys a couple of days ago. as i am doing my research on where i can unload these products one question comes into mind. i want to be able to sell diamonds and gold. because there will be some down time selling diamonds. hopefully not a very long down time but my question to you is this. you say you only will sell 12oz of gold then no more right. i would have to just buy diamonds. can we make an agreement if i buy so many diamonds that you will sell me more gold for those prices? I want to mix the inventory. you would be making a solid investment with me working something like that out. I’m a hustler and given some time i will make a lot of contacts and buy from you constantly. No telling how big i can grow this

  854. Hello there, im new here!

    I feel bad buying from you if you treat your slaves bad. YOu should treat your slaves good. I would feel better.

    Thank you 😀

  855. Vocês enviam para o Brasil?

  856. Hi,

    i dont got a lot of money. is it possible to buy 0,14 oz gold nuggets for 50 euro ?
    7×50 euro is 350 euro. so i thought maybe E350 divided by 7 is 50 euro
    so 50 euro will be 0.14 ounce.

    if it is possible it would really be great. i will transfer the bitcoin to you ,and when i got the product i sell it.
    and go to friends and family to get more money and next time i buy from you it will be the normal price of 350 or 700 euro`s

    Please contact me back a.s.a.p.

  857. Good evening, I’m looking for an investor for a legal gold mine? Could you guide me?

  858. This is crazy

  859. Mr X is amazing. I just resold my diamond for 400% profit!!!!!!!

  860. I will soon buy you some products, but before you can send me a good address “bitcoin mixer.

  861. testing

  862. It is important to note that they send the GIA certificates separate from the merchandise. It is ok both diamonds and GIA arrived the same day but in different packages.

  863. Hi, I’m interested in diamonds.
    I would like to know if they really are authentic and are worth a lot of money.
    I would like to know if it is possible to ship them to Italy.
    Sincerely, I await an answer. thank you

  864. just checking

  865. wow you guys approved some of those negative and racist comments?? not a good look for business… still looking to buy soon

  866. Thank you. Diamond came in 9 days and was told 10. I am happy!

  867. do you deliver to America

  868. The diamonds resell quickly and Mr. X is quick to assist you in reselling your inventory.

  869. Hi can it’s ok for morocco
    i want to buy from here

  870. How would you suggest to sell the gold in western countries?

  871. I am only 17 so purchasing bitcoin is hard unless I drive for an hour to a bitcoin terminal. So before I purchase a diamond can you give me an estimate on how much BTC that would be so I can purchase it in one go?

  872. What is the estimated shipping time to the US?

  873. I have a rhino horn that my late husband purchased in 1973 from a store on a preserve in Africa. I am of the understanding these are of great value in places like Vietnam and I am considering selling it for the right price. Please advise.

  874. Do u accept escrow?

  875. test

  876. Is shipping to south america possible?

  877. Hi.
    im interested to buying if you can put it on in Mexico city, i can buy some of these diamonds and find some client for you. we can do a strong relationship of business.

  878. I wish they sold more than 12 oz of gold per order. I have a contact that will buy at market all day from me. Please change the rules!

  879. These guys are a real find. Quality gems and cheap prices. I love slave labor!

  880. Mr. Mike our services are not legal in our country therefore we do not have traditional forms of communication. If you are looking for that kind of business relationship I would suggest you do so outside of the DW. However, I believe you will find our prices are much better.

    Mr KZ – We only accept bitcoin as payment. We do this to have more security for you as well as us.

  881. I’m interested in buying diamonds from you. do you have an address/phone that I can contact?

  882. It is difficult to find a good source for diamonds other than using Jews. They are out of Africa and get the job done without drama.

  883. I would like to purchase a 1.25 carat diamond with cash if possible. If not I’ll pay with bitcoin.

  884. Diamond and Gold shipped to Japan and in issues. Professional packaging and passed customs without paying tax.

  885. They only take bitcoin. I never used it before but it was easy.

  886. hi, do you use paypal or escrow as a payment method?

  887. i know it said that you guys ship through usps or fedex, but is it possible to make a drop-off with a courier?

  888. Also do you accept escrow?

  889. how long it takes the shipping to Germany

  890. Hello. I saw some bad reviews of this place but I ordered a 2 oz bar of gold anyway. I am happy I did. It arrived and I had it verified as 98% pure. I guess the bad reviews might be from competitors? I dont know but I had a good experience.

  891. Hello I want to buy, I live in Madrid, what forms of payment exist? it can be against reimbursement

  892. I used their escrow service for a large purchase (10 ounces of gold and 3 diamonds). The escrow process was smooth and shipping to the USA was approximately 15 days.

  893. I bought a test diamond from this store and they are legit. There customer service is a bit slow but I dont care. I resold the diamond for a nice profit.

  894. Diamond quality is best for the price. A+ vendor

  895. I purchased from canada. Very good service.

  896. Can I order one of the slaves instead?

  897. test

  898. As long as your slaves are being treated well enough i might buy. I would love to know if they are being

  899. do you ship to pakistan? i have sent you an email, kindly respond to it.

  900. I want to buy some gold. In China, can I transport it to China? How long can it arrive? If you use express delivery faster? How much does the freight cost?

  901. do you guys ship to india. if yes, then how many days it will take in delivery.

  902. do u ship to the russia
    if u can i will buy

  903. testing

  904. Do you ship to the iran

  905. I bought my lover a diamond and its gorgeous. I dont care if poor labor people mined it, its a good deal. I get worked over all the time at work no one seems to give a shit. Why should I?

  906. Hello dear,
    I would like to ask you about some possibility to make a deal with me.
    I need to buy some good’s (Diamond or Gold) by cash money but safety and hidden.
    Tell if is it possible to help me.

  907. Zuled – Many thank yous for your inquiry. Please send an email to us so we can assist.

    distantLegion- Please send us an email and we can send you a key to use.

    cocaine13- We are pleased you are happy with your purchase. We hope to be your only source for discreet gems and valuable minerals.

    Rickintosh_G4 – We apologize for your shipping experience. We do not offer overnight options due to our location. There are no other safer options to ensure your product is not seized.

  908. Hi Sr Im tryng to contact with us fod adquire a products .

  909. Where is the pgp key?

  910. Good product but slow shipper.

  911. The best place for underground diamonds and gold products. Discrete shipping.

  912. This is my first review here, as for quality and shipping practices its pretty good. It does take a bit to get product though. 2 diamonds took 12 days to arrive. They do not offer overnight or anything.

    7/10 I would say 10/10 if they had overnight

  913. Can not wait to get more stones if hestitates … just do it.You can start with a few ones if you doubt. Cut is also very excellent Also the color is nice
    best on deepweb

  914. I do business with them from Hong Kong. Very good quality and a good price each time. Diamond are very good quality with documentation.

  915. They packed my gold in lead flakes. I used a toothbrush and the instructions sent and its clean.

  916. im scared to buy here

    will i go to jail?

  917. are you interested in business partnership in AUS/NZ

  918. I have bought over $70,000 worth of product here and the profits have been returned to me several times over. For anyone in HK or South Asia these are the vendors to work with.

  919. Do you ship to Mauritius Island??

  920. The only legit diamond seller on the DW. They also can get you clean diamonds. Highly recommended!

  921. i think these diamonds are stolen or something but they came with clean gia certs. it didnt matter to me i resold them in 2 days for 400% profit.

  922. Quality diamonds but shipping takes a long time. I would think you could get diamonds shipped out in less than 10 days.

  923. They hide the gold by caking it in lead. If you use a brush it comes right off. Interesting method but it works.

  924. diamondgolddasher I used the one they gave me. I bought 5 diamonds through them using the escrow and it was easy.

  925. ball075090 – We do ship to the USA.

    To complete an order please email with the item and quantity you wish. We will respond to your order inquiry with payment instructions and shipping information.

  926. what escrow does everyone use?

  927. Do you ship to the us

  928. I do have some questions and I have emailed you on

    Get in contact with me so we can discuss orders.

  929. Just need to test it…

  930. The total transaction took about 11 days after I made the payment. Easy transaction and good service.

    I will be buying more diamonds soon.

  931. very nice vendors!

  932. can you ship 2oz of gold bar to united kingdom please respond fast

  933. I sold my first order of 2 diamonds and made over 2000 euro in 2 hours

    Now I am addicted to selling diamonds !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  934. Really good diamonds and authentic GIA certs !!!

  935. is posibble to get smaller diamonds (0,3 to 0,6 ct)?

  936. I was interested in the product and I want to know if they send to Brazil, how long does it take to arrive? Do you have insurance?

  937. Do you recommend a drop off address or is it safe to have the diamonds shipped to a personal one?


  938. Awesome diamonds. I had a shipping issue they screwed up bu they made it right. You dont see that often on the dark web.