About Us

Our Company “Gold & Diamonds” sells discounted Diamonds, Gold and Rhino Horn sourced from Africa. We sell 95% of our product for top prices in different ways.  We sell 5% of our product to get Bitcoin and Monero that we use for other purposes that you can read about by clicking here.

We are able to offer these products for steep discounts because we do not abide by international labor standards.  We feed, clothe, & house our workers but do not pay them wages.  Our workers are happy and love doing labor for us.   Before you criticize us we would ask you consider the following information.

Many companies have been found guilty of knowingly profiting from sweat shops, child labor, slavery, unsafe working conditions, unfair wages and violence. The companies include but are not limited to Pfizer, Walmart, Nestle, Coca-Cola, Nike, Adidas, H&M, Levi Strauss, C&A, Walt Disney and Otto-Verstand.

We believe we are a “Cut Above” these companies for the following reasons:

  1. “Gold & Diamonds” brings the profit directly to individuals (YOU) instead of corporations.
  2. We encourage our managers and suppliers to be ethical when it does not interfere with profits.
  3. Your purchases bring revenue back to African Cities, Towns and Villages

We look forward to future business dealings.


“Gold & Diamonds”

Email “GoldDiamonds@ctemplar.com” to report an issue, concern or report a deficiency.  Include your Order # with your email.  Please submit all your questions to the “Forum” section.