Q: Why dont you sell this all yourself for higher prices?

A: We sell 95% of our products for higher prices using established methods.  We will 5% of our product to get cryptocurrency to use to help our people get refugee status in the EU for free.  You can read about it by clicking here.

Q: Are you guys for real / Are you still in operation?
A: Yes and we’re the best way to make money on the darknet currently.  Dont risk going being a caught & jail time with Counterfeit’s or Cards, buy our gold & Diamonds and re-sell them for profit safely

Q: Do you offer free samples?
A: No we do not.  This is a business not a fucking charity.

Q: Do you offer returns?
A: No we do not. After you receive the products and you release payment our transaction is complete. 

Q: Why don’t you sell through a larger marketplace?
A: Marketplaces view us the same as they view Pedophiles and will not list our products.  This is because we treat our workers in a way they disagree with.

Q: Are your diamonds AIG Certified?

A. No they are not. We only sell rough uncut diamonds.

Q: Do you provide Kimberley Process Certification.
A: No we do not. We are only able to offer you the lowest prices because these diamonds were collected and cut in unethical ways & conditions.

Q: I am sick and/or disabled will you discount our purchase?

A: We will not discount your order because we have no sympathy for individuals with sickness or disabilities. They should be killed.

Q: Do you have a clearnet blog or forums?

A: No we do not, We are not interested in a clear net presence because of the security issues. 

Q: I have a Question?

A: Please when contacting us, try and simplify your question and just ask us the question instead of asking if you can ask a question. You don’t need our permission to ask a question, save us and yourself time.

Contact us at: GoldDiamonds@ctemplar.com


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